I Guess My Ten Year Old Really Was Listening To Pastor!

Nate had an assignment to write a persuasive essay this week. I had to laugh – he’s good at persuasiveness. The book gave a few examples of topics he could get started with: where to go for the next family vacation, why kids should or shouldn’t be allowed to watch TV. When I asked him about a topic, I just figured he’d use this as a good time to ask for a Play Station or some such thing. Do you know what he came up with? Pastor preached Sunday on Acts 2:22-36 & gave four points on things that demonstrated Jesus’ Lordship & that He is Messiah. The four points were that his life, death, resurrection, & exaltation prove these. It was under the resurrection point that Pastor listed a few arguments skeptics give. Nate did not take notes, but that little dickens was listening. It did not occur to me that he would connect this with his now writing assignment, but he did! And so, I now give you Nate’s persuasive essay for fifth grade (taken from Pastor’s third sermon point)…

Proof That Christ Rose From the Dead
By: Nate W
Date: 11,5,2007

I think that Christ really rose from the dead. Some people think it’s not true, but it has to be true. It’s the only thing that really makes sense.

Some people believe the swoon theory that says that He was not really dead but hurt. Of course, this is ridiculous because how could one man roll away a stone that would have taken three men to roll? Even if He didn’t die, He was hurt real bad and it would have taken Him about five months to get out!

Two, some people think that the church stole the Body. That’s pretty much impossible because so many other people saw Him that were not disciples. Also, people wouldn’t have died for a thing that they stole.

If this story was made up, it would’ve had men find the empty tomb first. Women’s statements were not legal in court, so that would pretty much count them out.

My conclusion is that, from the sources we can gather, Christ really did rise from the dead. One man spent about a century studying if Christ really rose from the dead or not and he came to the conclusion that there was no other explanation.

The End.


(I think he will be great on a debate team some day if he wants to join one, don’t you? I hear Liberty University has a kickin’ one. We’ll see where God takes him.)

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