Fruit of the Spirit

I am starting to collect various ideas for next year’s Wednesday Club curriculum. We are going to go through the Fruit of the Spirit. If you have any ideas to add to the pot, please leave in the comment box. Two thirds through the year, I consolidated links & ideas here for convenience.

Here’s what we’ve got so far…

Fruit of the Spirit – skit for the teens, puzzles & coloring page, excellent ideas!, fruit b&w templates, teaching outline on bottom of page, verses, coloring page

Love – word search, Gothard letter,

Joy – Gothard letter,

Peace – Gothard letter,

Patience – tent and candy test, Gothard letter,

Gentleness – Gothard letter,

Kindness –

Goodness –

Faithfulness – Gothard letter,

Self-Control – Lazy Soldier story, Gothard letter,

Resource for the spirit-filled life circles.

For more, go to Post here and here give an overview, but the whole website gives devotional thoughts, verse memorization helps, craft & snack ideas, etc.

4 responses to “Fruit of the Spirit

  • Looking Toward Next Year « Pass The Baton

    […] to teach the children next year is the Fruit of the Spirit. In gathering the info, I have started a page of ideas to get the creative juices flowing. If you have ideas, please feel free to load up the comment box […]

  • Chad Kentosh

    Hi, my name is Chad Kentosh. I saw that you blogged about the “sweet, little boy” that went into Iraq. I just wanted to tell you that he is OK and that he’s back in the States. He’s actually coming back to Mansfield this June fo rmy brother’s wedding. Josh Kentosh. If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m Brian’s younger brother. I was just wondering how you knew him. What’s your name? I can also give you contact to him if you want. I just wanted to tell you that he’s doing good. (But he signed up for another six years as a seabee ): ) Well, please reply to me. Whoever you are, I bet Brian would be excited to hear from you.

    Chad Kentosh

  • free skits that teach the fruit of the spirit

    […] coloring page, excellent ideas!, … to teach the children next year is the fruit of the Spirit. … in Action! Recorded puppet skits on CDFREE skits &amp Scripts! … Six scripts using a […]

  • Pam Kealy

    I googled conchos crafts for children and your June 2007 archive come up. I love the conchos and was wondering were I could find the directions because I am having trouble figuring out how the string is tied and if it is one continuous piece or 5 different strings from the picture. Any information would be helpful and you can send it to me emil address.
    Thank you very much,
    Pam K.

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