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Summer Sabbatical

Summer life around here is kicking up into high gear this month, so I am not going to be blogging for a while. I may pop in here & there if I really can’t stand it & have to note something, but I’m planning on saving it & reporting on it all in one big lump later. We’ll see. Just in case I don’t get back here for a month, see you again in mid July.

Bad News

Got some new information from Scott today, the friend Keith teaches with. Some of you know him as the talented skit man. He’s the one I wrote about a few weeks ago whose wife talked him into going to the emergency room for his headaches.

At first, the doctors thought his was an easy case; all in one mass, outside the brain, etc. This was just two weeks ago! Then, after they got in there, realized it was connected to the brain in parts & they couldn’t get it all. Today the tests came back. It is aggressive. We don’t yet know what it means completely as far as the next step, but it does not sound good. He came home today & Keith is going over tomorrow to talk & pray with him awhile. He’s only 30 & they have a little girl not yet two! Pray for them. Please.

What My Father Taught Me

As I celebrate Father’s Day, three things my Father has impressed on me over & over again the last year…

1 – Sin sucks!! – Wherever you find it in your life, it has to go! Even the most seemingly small & harmless. Don’t play with it. It destroys life & separates. It hurts. It’s the reason we have so many tears today. That’s why God hates it. It hurts people & He loves us.

2 – What an incredible gift is our Lord Jesus Christ!!! – Without Him & His death on the cross, we are the most pathetic creatures. Utterly hopeless. Thank You, Lord, for the hope you bring us that this is not all there is. You died to bring us life!

3 – Life is so-o-o-o short. – This life is but a vapor & will be over soon. Don’t get me wrong, I love this life. But, I can’t wait for Heaven! To be with my Lord for eternity & all those who have gone before us! Sin gone!!!! No more separation!! Oh, happy day!

Pinafores, Aprons, Bonnets, & Tissue Holders

Found this cute little project while surfing for a pinafore pattern. Thought it would make a good starter project for Callie some day. It even has pictoral instructions! Simple & usable…


Well, I actually found the “pattern” I have used (from my head) to make my aprons in the past in case Callie ends up being a pattern-follower. Truthfully, I’m not a pattern kind of gal! Those things scare me. When it comes to sewing, I only know how to eyeball it & come up with what I want. It seems it’s never quite right, but whenever I’ve used a pattern, it comes out totally messed up. Don’t ask me how! So, I like to sew a little bit at a time (like a few days a year), I love the cute fabrics out there, but I have yet to make something I’m completely pleased with. There’s always some little quirk in it when I’m done. Don’t know if I Callie should watch my sewing ways or not!

I’m on a mini sewing binge right now. Mom mentioned bonnets & I’ve got a stack of cute fabrics that have been there a year & a half with the intention of making bonnets & aprons for Callie to go with this plain denim dress a size too big we found at a thrift store last year. She could be wearing it now. I figured we could have fun with accessorizing it. Mom made me a cute pinafore dress when I was in kindergarten. I loved that outfit! This is a throwback idea to keep the circle of life going I guess. There’s just way too many cute fabrics out there to not do something with them!! The thrift stores make clothes so cheap , though, it’s more expensive to make them. But it’s fun to make costumes & bonnets & aprons, etc. So that’s the only sewing I do. This is what it looks like in my mind’s eye, but know it won’t be even remotely like this when I’m done…


Pillowcase Dresses – How Cute!!!

Anyone out there ever dared to make a pillowcase dress? I’ve never heard of these before. Cute, cute, cute!! I’ve got six little nieces & a daughter that would be so adorable together in these!! (Mom & I are thinking about matching something for pictures in August.) If anyone has ever made these before, could you give me a rough estimate on how much time & expertise would be required? It looks really simple, but looks can be deceiving.



There are so many variations. I love the halter style. Also, you can wear them with bloomers or shorts…


My Happy Hubby

Keith got the job!! He got his dream job after six years of joyfully teaching fourth grade even though it wasn’t his first pick. He’s now a sixth grade teacher of language arts & social studies, so he’ll even know all his former students for the next two years. I am so happy for him.

This will really free up his time & for that I thank the Lord. Some of you know he is working toward getting his doctorate over the next five-ish years. This is really what he was made for, but I wasn’t sure how that was going to squeeze into his already very full schedule. This makes it so he will have basically a mere two preps (daily lessons to plan), no duties such as lunch room, recess, etc. which all make for less work. Elementary teaching is not what you’d call a low prep job! On top of all that, he loves middle-schoolers which not everybody does. This job couldn’t fit him any better. Needless to say, we’re all excited for him around here.

On another note, he will be boating this weekend with a couple other men from the church. This will be the first voyage for them down a local river, so pray for them, not me! They are camping overnight. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on that canoe? This will be a good chance to do some male bonding for him. God has been so faithful to provide good men in the church to “fill the void” a bit in our fathering department for us. So, even though it may seem strange to some for him to be out & about on Father’s Day, it actually is perfect. The kids already gave him their gift – an iPod like mine.:) Oh, & our cell phones are in. We finally broke down & joined the cell phone revolution. We’re working on programing them and all this week. He’s a happy man.

Yet Another Western VBS Craft Idea

Okay. I said I wasn’t going to do any more Western VBS post, but so many have come a searchin’ for ideas, & as we get going in ours, more ideas pop up. Maybe others can benefit.

Last night, I came across the cutest little “leather” concho idea! I made one out of fake leather & lariete roping. Cute, cute, cute!! It’s a nice little craft to do with your own kids this summer just for fun…

Nate thinks they’re pretty cool. His first reaction was they’re like the Lord of the Rings leaf brooches.

The other “Johnny come lately” idea found was a leather lacing picture wallet. They are only $1 per craft & I just hadn’t seen them anywhere else. I’m thinking the kids could put their verses in these.

Again, for those new to this site & needing more ideas, go here, here, & here.

PS, July 2011 – Here are some photos of the concho we made in our VBS. We used fake leather that was embossed. Four years later, we still like it! Cute, easy, usable craft. Highly recommended

PS again, May 2016 – I took new pics of my little charmer & posted above.  Isn’t he the cutest thing??!  I also posted a pic of the back of our concho so you can better see how it is assembled.  I used a 1 & 3/4 inch by 2 & 1/4 inch piece of fake leather for the one pictured.  I made two identical “loops” about three inches long (so that means the lace was around 6 inches long).  First put a cream colored bead in the middle of the lace, then fold the lace in half (pinching the cream bead) & lace five more beads through both ends before tying a knot on the end of each “loop”.  I punched holes on either sides of the fake leather with a small hole punch & then threaded the plastic lace through the holes, threading the lace through the cream beads on either ends before tying the knot on the center lace (the one that went through the leather holes).  That’s it!  Sounds much more complicated when typed out than it actually is to DO.