Monthly Archives: September 2009

Risky Living, Prayer, & the String Theory

I am so excited about the things God’s been teaching & working in us lately. Two basic areas: prayer and missions. If you have time, please listen to these two messages from the Alliance Conference this last year. EXCELLENT!! Keith listened to them & had to download them for us to hear this summer on our travels. Both of us have been so encouraged & challenged by them, we’ve listened to them a couple times since individually as well (something I don’t usually do – listen multiple times to a sermon). Yes, they are that good!

The first message is on prayer by Pastor Mike Phillips. Go here to listen. My favorite line, “I don’t have no clue!!” You’ll just have to listen to get it.

The second message is on taking risks by Dr. Richard Swenson. Go here to listen. “It isn’t what you think it is.”

Prepare to be challenged, moved, & thrilled to tears by the Spirit. : ]

If you have even more time, the second message on risk taking reminds me of a PBS series I saw “by accident” about five years back (again, it is that good I’m still excited about it!) & found the whole thing on line about science’s thoughts on the dimension beyond what our eyes can see – exciting stuff from the world’s perspective. They don’ know how to explain it but they know there’s more to this life than meets the eye. We as Bible believers know exactly what it is – the spiritual realm. It’s three hours long, but well worth watching & you can watch it in ten minutes segments. Go here to watch. If nothing else, scroll down through the chapter titles & see if your curiosity isn’t stirred. When you watch it in light of God’s Word, it is so exciting!!