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I Doubt It

Okay, so this weekend was unofficially declared I Doubt It Days. For those of you who don’t know this game, here is a link to introduce you. It’s also known in saltier circles as BS or “Oh, Bull!”. Nate came home from the next to last week of 7th grade with this “new game” to share. He had vaguely recalled me talking about playing it as a kid, but we’d not ventured into playing it together. Yet. Perfect timing!!

Here’s just a taste of the laughs that ensued…

– Ever play a fibbing game with a seven year old? Anders’ eyes totally give him away. Let’s just say he didn’t win. All weekend. One of the first few rounds, he was next to lay down jacks. He boldly declared, “5 elevens!” & slapped ’em down on the center of the table. We all doubted that. He never did really get why.

– Playing with a giggly nine year old girl isn’t much better. One round she was up for fives. “What do I lay down again?” “Fives, oh yeah.” Her eyes scanned from right to left systematically as we all stared at her. She got to the end of her fanned out stash, eyes got really wide, then she got a dead panned look on her face as she stuttered around, “now let’s see…where is that five?” Then she pulled a random card out of the middle…”HERE it is! One five.” Yeah. Right.

– Then there’s their daddy-o who is the most literal law-abider I know. I do love him for it, but in this game, it really worked against him. At one point, he had the vast majority of the cards in his hand. Even his huge paws couldn’t keep them all together! The kids & I got a good laugh when he dropped half of them looking for a couple of aces to discard. I don’t quite know why it’s so hilarious when a person drops cards in a game except that it comes across like they just accidentally dropped their drawers. Same effect. Same look on their face. Funny stuff! Anyway, at the end of the night, Keith informed us all he hadn’t lied yet, but was getting ready to next round. Hold the phone!!!! Keith’s gonna lie!!!!! Can’t wait to play this game again to see what a lie looks like on Keith’s face.

Oh, the memories with this game! The kids & even Keith have no idea. I can smell Grandma Gertie’s house when that game starts being dealt, just like I can see Grandma Jean when the Yahtzee dice start rolling. Dad, Mom, Grandma, all my brothers & I would play this game after Sunday dinner. Dad had perfected it. (Scary really, when you think about it. Especially for a preacher!) You never could tell if he was telling the truth or not & he’d leave you so unsure you’d rarely doubt him. But then there were the times he’d lay down a stack of like five or six cards all neat & tidy like & declare he had two whatevers. In all fairness, with a game where the object is to lie about what card you’re playing, one can only assume you’re also allowed to lie about how many you are discarding too, huh?? The way he’d squint his eyes up & get all shifty when he doubted you. I can see it now. But can’t describe it. Funny what you remember & how well. Leaves me wondering what our little ones will remember about our family game nights, sitting around our table.

“Your wife will be like a fruitful grapevine, flourishing within your home.
Your children will be like vigorous young olive trees as they sit around your table.
That is the Lord’s blessing for those who fear him.”
– Psalm 128:3,4 –