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…7, 6, 5…

Well, today is our site testing day. Exciting!!! We’ve got 20 some people lined up to try to subscribe & then log on simultaneously at 9PM. We’ve got some frustration going on, but none that can’t be explained away by being up at 3 AM & drinking too much coffee. : ]

We’ve been taking turns laughing with & barking at each other over the last week, but so far there’s been more laughter than barking – pretty good for 3 days out until take off. In fact, I’d say we’re doing great! As long as two out of the three (those of us that will be spending four days together SOLID, three times this month!!) are laughing, we can overlook the one who’s barking. We all take our turns at being that one. It’s pretty funny really.

Yesterday was my turn to do the barking. A guy called at 9:30AM & asked if he could come over & look at the house at 12:30. He needs to get out of his house by April – it sold quickly – & so he’s in a bit of a rush to see our house. Well, March isn’t really going to get any better for showing the house, so he might as well come on over & see it as is. I’m not planning on busting my behind in the deep house cleaning department any time soon! So, we cleaned like 5 madmen yesterday morning. It was not pretty at times, but we got ‘er done. Then we sat & waited for him to show up & admire our beautiful home, only to have him stand us up. Really, I totally appreciated having a clean house, & it was Saturday chore time anyway, so nothing lost, but still. So yesterday I was the barker. I guess that leaves me to be a laugher until Tuesday. Sounds about right. Tuesday, I’ll be trying to pack & make sure everything is ready to go.

10, 9, 8…

We’re all geared up & almost ready to hit the road with Burton Reading next week. (We’re testing the site tomorrow night, so if you click the link before March 1, 2011 won’t see much but the promo. We don’t want to go public until all the kinks are worked out.)

Yesterday at lunch, Keith & I talked with the kids about all the ways God is showing Himself HERE in all this. So, thought I’d list some of these so we will remember. I do not want to forget next month all these little ways where God reminded us He’s got it handled. I don’t want the kids to forget. These are the exact things you look back on over the years & say, yep, God can be trusted. He is here. He is with us. God wants us to remember. He told His people to put up memorial stones, have annual feasts, TELL their children. So here’s the start of a list…

We had a mix up with the schedule & flights at one point. It looked like one of us would have to fly separately or have a bad situation back home or have to pay $600 to change things – no good options. We prayed not having any good choices, but trusting God to have one. And He did! The conflicting appointment ended up getting cancelled with no repercussions. God worked that all out & in fact, He worked it out BETTER than if we hadn’t had the mix up. God knew what we needed & even worked through a “mistake” to get us all on the same flight, the day before conferences start, etc. We can trust Him to work through even our mistakes, forgetfulness, etc. if we are doing our best before Him.

Yesterday, we found out some interesting information about these “big four” homeschool conferences we will soon be attending. Keith & I checked into conventions last fall thinking we should start looking at what’s out there & how to get Mom in to speak, get a booth, etc. The only conference we’d attended was CHEO, once like ten years ago & again last spring. We had noticed that CHEO was about half the size the second time we were there, but thought perhaps it was because the online academies were skimming off families? Just a guess. Well, when we got on to explore what other conventions were going on around this area, the big four popped up right away & we got excited. No wonder CHEO shrunk! They’ve made these conventions a circuit now! How clever! Well, NOW we know this is the first year for them doing that, however Cincinnati has had the largest convention in the country & it started up five years ago. We also didn’t know until the other day, when we scanned the exhibit hall to check out our booth number, etc. that Greenville is in it’s first year & it’s already rivaling Cincinnati. In fact, three out of the four conventions in “the big four” are just starting this year, but they are already very popular. Wow. I can hardly wait to check them out. AND see how they grow in the next few years. Exciting!! And it was just perfect timing for us to get in on it all – both for four conventions as well as checking into all of it just in time to squeak in as a presenter & exhibitor.

Mom DOES finish projects for church well (VBS, cantatas, SS programs, etc) and she has always been a top notch teacher (other teachers would scrounge around in her trash can to use sheets over & over that she’d just thought up, used, & pitched) but NEVER has she ever gotten these genius works WRITTEN DOWN so others could use them. So this whole project in my book is really nothing short of a miracle. The fact we’ve got Mom’s expertise in writing for keeps… well, it’s a first! And we all couldn’t be more thrilled. Including herself!

Since we’re on Mom, she has a propensity toward chest colds. Every winter she gets one, and it usually lasts longer than anyone else’s does. Here we sit on the verge of March, on a winter when EVERYONE in the extended family has been slammed with an unusually high volume of coughs, fever, runny noses, and yet Mom has so far been unscathed. KEEP PRAYING. This most certainly is a miracle. She has not avoided sick family members, etc. & still is healthy. We need her to STAY healthy through these conferences. We would appreciate prayers on her behalf in that area.

These are just a few ways God is showing Himself in this project. I’ll try to write them down as they continue to show up these days. I’m planning on blogging here & there throughout the conference months to keep people up to date on any fun tidbits, stories, people we’ve met, etc. so if you’re interested in hearing, hop on here. I’ll probably put more pictures on facebook, but will try to throw some on here for those of you who aren’t on fb. Pray for us as we head out on this adventure. Can’t wait to see what God’s got in mind for all this. So far, it’s all good. : ]

Knitting, Greek, & Podcasts

Sorry, but these days it’s mostly links I’m passing on quickly. With all the snow days, you’d think we’d be on the computer. My knight in shining armor got things running super smoothly again with the router, external hard drive, etc. so I actually got less time on it. But we did find a few cool things on the off times. Here are a few gems found recently I wanted to pass on…

1 – Callie has inspired me to get back to crafting. One of the things we did during all these snow days was get out the knitting needles & crochet hook. Knitting is my thing. I have yet to get crochet to work for me. BUT, after the first two scarves, we wanted to get a little fancy & do some different stitches. I thought knit 2 purl 2 would be an easy place to start. Tried a few stitches & just couldn’t get it to look right. Got on line & found a short tutorial on knit 2 purl 2, watched a lady actually do the stitches, found the little step I was forgetting, & bingo! We’re knitting happily away again! Simple! Here’s the link I found to get you started, but there are all kinds out there. Just put what you’re looking for specifically in the search bar. Next up: crocheting.

2 – Nate is suddenly interested in learning Greek! Perhaps it’s the old seminary books Keith has sitting on the shelf, three days of snow days with his siblings, mixed with his love of making up secret code languages. Btw, the story is often told how Keith took three weeks of Greek, but dropped out of the class when he met me & found out the class was over my lunch hour. He gave up Greek for me. : ] I always end up reminding him how much more fun those lunches were than Greek classes. He agrees, then always says, “But I still want to learn Greek someday.” The kids enjoy our little romantic story. Seminary geeks!! Anyway, we found two seminary classes on line that Nate can watch for free! Amazing! It’s just like sitting in class! So now he’s checking his pronunciation, etc. & picking around at Greek! I share because it really is amazing all the things you can learn on line these days. Stretch your imagination & see if that hobby you’ve been wanting to learn is there. It just might be! If you’re interested in the links, I’ll have to get back to you on those – can’t seem to find them at the moment. I’ll ask Keith.

3 – On Family Life Today the last few days, Reggie Joiner from Basics 252 has been talking with the guys. EXCELLENT!!! If you get a few moments to listen, please do! Here are the links to part one & part two. I *heart* Reggie Joiner & his orange gang!!

4 – I also had time to catch up on Revive Our Hearts. Nancy has had Carolyn McCulley on. She speaks to single women, but I found SO much valuable stuff in her talks! Here are the links to part one and part two. These, along with what Reggie has been saying, are so what I KNOW to be true & would love to be able to remember & put in words as concisely when counceling others, but probably won’t be able to, so I’ll send them to these links to hear. It is so exciting to hear people putting these truths into words. Good stuff! I want to tuck these “single lady” talks away for when – in the blink of an eye, I’ll be up to my ears in nieces & a daughter going through all this crazy but SUPER important time of waiting for the man God has for them. Makes me extra appreciative of the wonderful man God gave me! AND makes me excited to see what stories God will unfold in my girls’ lives in the not as far off as we might think future. : ]