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Prodigal Jon & April Fools

Got a chuckle out of this one, especially the “Turns out I’m dumb” , “That’s not going to grow back”, & “at the end of the day you both love Jesus, so no hard feelings” lines. Still thinking about what to do with the Wednesday night Club kids. An April Fools on Wed. is just too good to pass up. Anybody got ideas?

Two Callie-isms for the Road

“You’re gonna make a cute grandma when you grow up, Mom.”

“Jack is going to be a great man of faith! He just loves Bibles & always reaches for them.”

My sweet little visionary & encourager! Always thinking ahead. Wonder where she gets that?


Hodge Podge

Sorry, I’m gonna go on a short linkey binge here…

Two things that got me thinking/excited today. One is Del Tackett’s newest project, a Truth Project version specifically aimed at the college-bound teen! The other is off of Piper’s blog. Jon poses the question, “Why Jethro?” Good question. Great answer.

Speaking of Jethro & Moses, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I feel pretty useless slash lazy slash spinning my wheels for some reason. Don’t worry, it’s a phase & I’m not particularly “down”, just wondering if I’m doing all that I should be doing, where do I need to make changes, how can I be more productive, etc. I’m probably not making much sense, but it’s hard to put into words. The biggest example I can give is in the area of housework. Look around & it looks like I do nothing all day. This is my job! I do the same things over & over. I have more time this year. It still looks like this. Yikes. The Lord brought this thought to mind & I’ve decided to blog it for myself & the children (nugget of wisdom you might say)…

Every life has seasons. Even the great men and women of God, our huge heroes, those who followed the Lord closely all their lives, had faster & slower times. Moses spent decades in the wilderness “doing nothing” before God gave him his big task. Joseph spent years both in prison and doing servant work before he was given his big life task. Go down the list. David spent years in the fields watching sheep & still more time in caves being chased by King Saul. Peter spent years out on a boat sitting around catching fish before Jesus called him. Jesus Himself spent 30 years learning carpentry before his big three years. So, if you find yourself (or feel like you’re in) a year or two where you “aren’t really doing anything”, take heart. Enjoy the slow down. Take extra time to listen for that still small voice. Feed your soul & don’t feel selfish. Keep an eye out for daily “inconveniences” that God brings along your day – that unexpected phone call from a friend, the person God brings to mind that needs a note from you, that extra hour spent snuggling with a sick child, take more time on your prayer list each day. Those are the very things He wants to use in your life & through you today. Relax & just spend time falling in love with your Lord & all He’s given you.

Deborah Drapper

Speaking of a passion for the lost, eyes on Heaven, etc. I met this young lady yesterday via the internet. She inspires me.

Thanks, Alex & Brett, for passing this on.

After you watch her six part story, I’d like to discuss some things with you. (Double click on the video to find the other five parts.)…

For one thing, don’t you find it interesting that the whole premise of the filmers was that this poor little Christian girl was growing up so deprived of “normal”: partying, drinking, sex, filling her mind with pop culture, etc.? What snippets I see of the other side, as I’m sure goes through Deborah’s mind as she encounters “the outside world”, it all just looks so pathetically sad & lonely! When you’ve grown up with all your emotional, spiritual, & physical needs met by a loving family & wonderful God, you see the emptiness of those other poor girls half dressed & drunk & just feel sad for them. They obviously don’t know real love, joy, peace, etc. & how could they? Those things come from the Holy Spirit. If you don’t have Him in your live, you’re left to wallow in filth trying to imitate those things & it ends up trashing your life. (The Liar comes to kill & steal & destroy.) Some commenters (on you tube) sounded like they would love to see Deborah in a few years when she heads out to college & gets drunk, shacks up, etc. First of all, nice attitude! They are wishing a beautiful girl to trash her life just because everyone they know does. Nice. But secondly, I would be willing to bet she won’t do those things. She’s a sinner, & we all make mistakes. But she’s pretty confident in who she is & what she believes; if you’ll notice, more so than any of the other people around her! Teens do not have to go through a rebellious stage! They don’t! My prayer for our children is that they too, would have this confident assurance of their Father’s love, not only accepting themselves, but seeing themselves as a wonderfully loved special creation of a loving God Who has a purpose for their lives. I pray they get to know themselves, their gifts, talents, weaknesses, early so that they can head that direction God has for their lives as soon as possible & find that joy & fulfillment in doing what God has created them to do without wasted years of stupid living to look back & be embarrassed about. I would be grieved to see them wallow in sin for years, wasting their youthful passion & zeal. It would grieve me about as much as anything would, honestly.

Two ironic things: Didn’t you think it funny they started out asking Deborah how she copes with things being “so noisy” at home, yet they thought she’d be better off experiencing the party world where the noise is so intense you can’t think? I don’t think the film makers caught the funny there, but I sure did. Also, isn’t it funny how that one lady coming out of the puppet show thought it was so terrible the family was so “in your face” about creation? Now, I would venture to bet that ironically, if the show had been in your face about saving the environment, she wouldn’t have been offended. She just didn’t want to be told she was created & there’s a God out there Who loves her but not her sin. She doesn’t want her or her child to be exposed to being told any rules (aka ten commandments) even if that keeps her out of danger!

I read through some of the comments on youtube & many of them alluded to Deborah being a “sad child”. I think they saw her sad because the film showed her so often in those sad places. Her heart breaks when she sees people throwing away their lives & floundering. I understand. She challenges me & inspires me afresh there. I used to have more of a heart like that, but over the years I’ve become calloused. It is easy for me to get hard-hearted toward people in my own culture who have been in such a time and place as America & still haven’t availed themselves of all there is out there at their fingertips! Flip through the TV channels, people! Or the radio dial, or the local library for some great books, or walk in any number of the churches around you, or surf the net for crying out loud. Between Focus on the Family, films like Fireproof & the Passion, etc. you’d think everyone would’ve stumbled across the Gospel by now, wouldn’t you? But that’s not the right attitude to have. I need more compassion for the lost. So many hurting people, that’s how Jesus saw them. And that’s how I feel when I have gotten to know their stories. I was watching Jail last night. First time I’ve watched TV in a long, long time & I now remember why. The whole show was about police locking down these drugged out drunks. Pathetic. But each of those poor souls is so obviously trapped in sin. They desperately need the Lord! They are ruining their lives & it is just really, really sad. It shouldn’t have to be that obvious, though, for me to be broken hearted – have Christ’s compassion for them.


God bless the Drapper family! It was refreshing to see a real Christian family & real teen girl who loves her Lord on TV. She also started a blog here. If you want to contact her for encouragement or discussion, I’m sure she would appreciate the encouraging words from brothers & sisters around the world.

Five Things In Hell That Should Be In the Church

Over Christmas, we got to visit with our pastor from Korea for the afternoon. Good times! We also got to hear him preach again. The week we were there, he had quite the catchy title & I had to share. It’s a keeper…

5 Things in Hell That Should Be In the Church
(Luke 16:19-31)

Now, stop right there. Can you think of any that could be on the list? Take a minute or two & think about where you think this sermon will go. Now read on.

First off, the fact that Lazarus was named & the rich guy not is noteworthy. Names were very significant for Jews, so this shows where Jesus was placing the importance.

1) Absence of Materialism. (vs.22) – The rich man died & was buried, in other words, he lost it all! How much of our time, conversation, etc. are gathered around luxury? The rich man’s family had the same problem; he had five brothers with he exact same problem. (Rev. 18:11-17) Application for us: Try going on a “thing diet”. Eat leftovers, only use used things, etc. Try some purposeful downsizing, repeatedly. The things Christians spend money on effects businesses. Perhaps we should use it to make statements more often. Choose to spend money more wisely & then use our wealth to help those out of work or struggling.

2) Passion for Being Poor. (Matthew 5:3) – “Blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall see God.” Application for us: Where have you grown the most spiritually? During “fat times” or “lean times”? (Luke 16:23 & Hebrews 12:1-3)

3) Eyes Fixed on Heaven. Are our eyes fixed on Jesus? “He looked up & saw Abraham…”.

4) A Passion for the Lost. (Luke 16:23 & 27-28, Matthew 9:37)

5) An Awareness That the Choices We Make Are Permanent. – Note, the rich man never asked the obvious questions like “Can I get out of here? Don’t you remember when I gave at the temple? etc.” He was searingly aware that his choices were permanent! Application: We need a new sense of marriage permanence, spiritual commitments kept. etc. (John 3:17-18) We can’t earn our way into Heaven. And the decision is already made once we die.

Which of these five things do YOU need more of this new year? (This message was given the Sunday before New Year.)

New Camera

We finally broke down & got ourselves a new camera. Maybe it was all the blurry pictures we have of Anders, or the ones with the eyes closed of Callie & Nate, or the shots of Jack right AFTER his cutest smile! At any rate, we’ve got a good one now. I played with some editing software tonight & you can see how it all panned out in Flickr to the left. Don’t forget to click at the bottom of Flickr to open up all the other pictures not displayed. There are 26 new ones altogether. Just so you don’t miss those “hidden” ones, here’s a preview to keep you looking for all those further in the photostream…


See? you wouldn’t want to miss that, now would you? (I even made it super easy for you – just click on the above picture to be instantly transported to our Flickr photostream & all those new pictures.)

Old Old School

We only watch PBS around here. They’ve changed programing quite a bit over the last ten years. Now they have several channels & one plays kids shows from early in the morning to supper hour, but when Nate was in preschool, they played shows for schools to use during the school hours – nine to three. Sometimes, we’d tune in, which is how my then three year old got excited about watching Julius Sumner Miller’s Physics demos. He loved them! They are old, but still great. Some things never go out of style. 🙂 There are now many of Julius’ shows on youtube. Check them out. Here’s a classic…


The Veggie Tale guys have created another fun way to get the Bible to your children. Have you seen JellyTelly yet? Go here to find out more about it. Looks like a lot of fun & a “great idea”. My favorite characters so far is Alfred Wilberwale and Johnny Rogers. They’ve even gotten Rhett & Link involved. Way to go, guys! Check them out as they sing through the books of the Bible here. I previewed 2 Chronicles & just know it’s gonna be a hit with my crew. I can hear them listing the 20 kings of Judah now. Awesome!


Can God Redeem Suffering?

Dallas Theological Seminary is working with Joni Erickson Tada to offering a new class in March on the Theology of Suffering. She spoke recently at DTS Chapel about suffering. If you have 30 minutes, it is an excellent message! Go here to see it.

“The greater one’s need, the greater our capacity. The greater our capacity, the greater will be our experience of our Savior.”

1 Corinthians 12:22 – “In fact, some parts of the body that seem weakest and least important are actually the most necessary.”
1 Peter 2:21 – “For God called you to do good, even if it means suffering, just as Christ suffered for you. He is your example, and you must follow in his steps.”

Special thanks to Abraham Piper for passing this on.

We Really Are Spoiled

Have you seen this yet? Comedian Louis CK on Conan O’Brian…

Click here to view.