Monthly Archives: February 2013

Duck Dynasty Fever

We are admittedly late joining the Quack Pack.  I heard people talking about it, but was skeptical so didn’t actually tune in myself until like late January, 2013.  You’ll be happy, happy, happy to know we’ve been catching ourselves up for the last month so can now safely give our top three favorite episodes.  If you haven’t watched, HEY, give it two episodes before passing judgement.  I really thought it was a stupid show the first time I watched, but can now consider myself a diehard fan.  If you’ve been a fan, add your top three favs to the comments.

Top three favorite episodes so far:

1 – The boys go on strike

2 – Phil & Si help out on Career Day

3 – Tied between Anders’ fav: Leave it to the Beavers, & Callie’s fav: Of Mattress & Men

Sure, it’s scripted.  So’s every other “reality show” on TV.  This one has not one, not two, but three generations of family fun going on, prayer at the end of every episode, & KILLER bumper/trailer/mash-up production.  Excellent combo.  Haven’t decided if I like Si or Phil better.  And the Willie – Jas rivalry is hilarious.  The Godwin/Martin sideshow is just icing on the boudin.

Favorite quote so far:

“Have y’all ever heard of the term NAM?”

You’ve only got two days to catch up before season three starts up, Jack.