Monthly Archives: August 2009

Our Summer Vacation 2009

Finally got the summer pictures downloaded. Anyone interested in what we’ve been up to this summer, see Flickr photos to the left. Be sure to double click the strip so you can get to the seven pages of pictures available! (Click “photostream” in blue to make it easier after you double click.)

Seeds CDs Coupon Code

Have you listened to Seeds Family Worship yet? Click here for more about it. To hear some samples, scroll down a bit to get to the audio box here. We have been LOVING these CDs this summer. All the way to/from & in between MN & OH, we worship/learned scripture/jammed to these awesome songs. It is so fun to be able to have God speak to you through a song popping into your mind during the day (& actually know the address too – a long time challenge for me personally)! And we are all learning the verses together. God uses music to get to my heart, I don’t know about you. Let me say again how I love the appeal these songs have to kids & parents alike.

If you are wanting to buy some Seeds CDs for your family, let me suggest two things: 1) Make sure you order the one with the stick people on the cover. That way you get two copies – one for you & one to give away, or in our case, one for home & one for Keith to take to his classroom. 2) It’s cheaper at CBD, but the Seeds company gave me a coupon to get 20% off (making it the same deal) & said I could pass it on to anyone else who would want to use it, too. They are fast!! We ordered & received ours in two days flat. Here’s the code to get 20% off at Seeds: LWAYNE09 It expires February 10th, 2010.

Happy listening/learning!!

48 Years Ahead of His Time

If you haven’t heard this, you gotta listen. This is Ronald Reagan in 1961 talking about socialized medicine; as relevant today as ever!