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If you get a chance, please pray for Tom tonight. (He’s mentioned just the other day in the last quote here.) His sweet wife passed away in her sleep last night unexpectedly. This is the second wife he’s lost, the first to cancer I believe. They made a great couple – he sings bass solos & she accompanied on the piano. It’s going to be a long, hard 2009 for him.

Tom & Doreen

(Tom & Doreen together praying.)

Singing Christmas Card

A Merry Christmas singing card from one of Keith’s high school buddies. Cute!…

Favorite Quotes – Keith Edition

Can I just share how blessed I am? I couldn’t have been given a better man to walk this life with & look forward together to the next! I am proud to be his helpmeet these last 14 years. He is so wise & smart & patient & adorable! (He’s too busy to read my blog right now – as in this year! – so this won’t go to his head.) One of the reasons I blog is for the kids to have a peek back at all God’s done for our family, etc. so this post is one to let them know what a wonderful daddy God has given them.

Every once in a while, Keith will throw out a golden nugget of wisdom that I just love every bit as much as those cute little things the kids say. It so shows you his heart & mind. It’s time I start writing these down. Here is where I will keep a few of them & hopefully add to the list as the months go by & I think of them. The first three or four are easy.

“It’s okay. We get a new one pretty soon!”
– talking with an elderly man at our church who’s feeling a bit frustrated at his old body. See what I mean? In nine short words, he put it all in perspective in such a sweet way!

“I’m really looking forward to that ‘no more sea’ when we can spend time with all our friends overseas & family like Trent (my crazy cousin out in CA) all the time.” – the night after a family reunion celebrating my Grandma’s 90th birthday. He loves my extended family even: ) What a guy!

“Under promise, over deliver; not the other way around.” – the phrase he’s taken on this year, from Mark DeMoss’s Little Red Book of Wisdom. (That book makes a great graduation gift BTW.)

“Tom & I really aren’t that far apart in age, you know. Not in eternity.” – Tom’s a retired teacher at church twice our age. Keith whispered this to me after they had just finished talking about who knows what. Two eternal souls sharing this time in history. : )

Hey, That’s My CCC!!

Just found my crazy cousin out in California on! Trent Dean, check him out!!…

Click Here To Play Is This The Day

Click Here To Play Old Fashion Man

Here’s an oldie but goody…
(Lovin’ that photo! Yes, that’s really him in his past life. Guess which decade!)

Click Here To Play Backslider

He’s been writing songs for decades, but this is the first I’ve heard his children’s stuff. Turns out he’s got several cute numbers! Look out Donut Man. 🙂 (BTW, those cuties on the “album” with him when you click to hear a song below are his four sweet boys & awesome wife.)

Click Here To Play Jeremiah 33.3

Click Here To Play 1st Peter 5:8 Be Sober

Click Here To Play Acts 5 29

Click Here To Play Sam Sam the travilin Man


We’ve been listening to a lot of Bing lately, with Christmas coming & all. My kids’ favorite song right now? Christmas Dinner, Country Style. Enjoy…

We hear this over & over as we double do-si-do down the road in our van, albeit a bit slower since my brush with the law last week.

Favorite lines:
“Don’t that turkey look divine?
Well promenade it down the line!

Sachet along that country ham
& double sachet the marshmallow yams.

Swing to the left the chestnut stuffin’
& swing to the right a huckleberry muffin!

Pass along a drumstick, if you please,
& promenade the pretty black-eyed peas.”


Anders often leaves little calling cards around the house in unsuspecting places. Here’s one found in the hall windowsill this morning. After carefully lining up my deco houses, he ran out of sheep to have knocking at each door, so he put a knight head at one. He told me he wanted to surprise “them” when they came out. BOYS!!




Paper Snowflakes

Found a link to a new kind of snowflake pattern. I saw these at a Taco Bell while traveling last Christmas & haven’t seen them since. We may have to make a few of these to decorate the house this year.



Two more good ones: Jelly Bellies of Christendom & How Christian is Your Cubicle? have been added to the list of excellent posts by Prodigal Jon.