Favorite Quotes – Keith Edition

Can I just share how blessed I am? I couldn’t have been given a better man to walk this life with & look forward together to the next! I am proud to be his helpmeet these last 14 years. He is so wise & smart & patient & adorable! (He’s too busy to read my blog right now – as in this year! – so this won’t go to his head.) One of the reasons I blog is for the kids to have a peek back at all God’s done for our family, etc. so this post is one to let them know what a wonderful daddy God has given them.

Every once in a while, Keith will throw out a golden nugget of wisdom that I just love every bit as much as those cute little things the kids say. It so shows you his heart & mind. It’s time I start writing these down. Here is where I will keep a few of them & hopefully add to the list as the months go by & I think of them. The first three or four are easy.

“It’s okay. We get a new one pretty soon!”
– talking with an elderly man at our church who’s feeling a bit frustrated at his old body. See what I mean? In nine short words, he put it all in perspective in such a sweet way!

“I’m really looking forward to that ‘no more sea’ when we can spend time with all our friends overseas & family like Trent (my crazy cousin out in CA) all the time.” – the night after a family reunion celebrating my Grandma’s 90th birthday. He loves my extended family even: ) What a guy!

“Under promise, over deliver; not the other way around.” – the phrase he’s taken on this year, from Mark DeMoss’s Little Red Book of Wisdom. (That book makes a great graduation gift BTW.)

“Tom & I really aren’t that far apart in age, you know. Not in eternity.” – Tom’s a retired teacher at church twice our age. Keith whispered this to me after they had just finished talking about who knows what. Two eternal souls sharing this time in history. : )

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