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Truth Project for Children

Keith went down to Kentucky to train in The Truth Project last year. Since then, our church has had several Truth Project groups, both adult and teen. It is a must for any college bound teen and their parents! This is a great series to have a middle schooler start going through probably once a year to get grounding in the basics before heading out into the world. My parents did that for me with the Gothard seminar from seventh to twelfth grade & I’m so glad they did. It takes a few hearings to let it really sink in. I found I learned new things each time I went. That’s what The Truth Project is like.

We had heard they were going to be working on a children’s version & I have been waiting with anticipation. IT’S HERE!! Adventures in Odyssey‘s new CD set is The Truth Project for children – The Truth Chronicles. Can’ wait to get my hands on it! Nate listens to AIO literally every time he works with his Legos & if you know him at all, that’s pretty often. I’m ordering a copy for our church library & will try to write a review when we’re done listening.

Can’t Wait To Share

Some church friends of ours had WAY too much fun at Gymboree this week. I’ll be doing a photo shoot today sometime to let you in on it. Let’s just say there’s a new lil sheriff in town & he is the cutest thing going! Can’t wait to share. 🙂 Tune in later tonight.

It’s going to be tougher than I thought to get some good shots. His head is so wobbly right now. But here’s a preview. I’ll erase these when we get better ones…

Layin’ Down on the Job

A Sad, Sad Sheriff

Falling Too Fast

So much to say, so little time in which to do it! Lots going on here so I’m just going to “bullet point” this time to chronicle things for family posterity…
– Finished the Odyssey books & are half way through The Light and the Glory trio. We also started back around to the Betsy and Tacy books. It’s been four years & they are barely remembered.
– On a much bigger note, the two older children are now going to school with Daddy! I have to say it is so different having a girl vs. a boy in school (in our family anyway). I have learned more about that school’s goings on in the last few weeks than I had in the previous seven years of Keith working there & two years of Nate’s attendance combined. I am happy to say she tells me everything. It’s so much fun seeing school through her second grade eyes.:) Anders, Jack & I are finding there’s plenty to do while they are away & the kids are blessed with wonderful teachers. All is going very well & I plan to go in on Wednesday afternoons to be a room mom for Callie’s class within the next few weeks. I’m very much looking forward to that & so is she.
– Speaking of notes, we purchased a saxophone for Nate to join band so look for sax duets (Yes, I dusted off the old sax & even played a few licks. Still got it.) by Christmas IF…
– Nate’s upper jaw heals quickly! He cracked his top jaw bone last night playing backyard football with the church kids. PTL it was a bone that will heal in a few weeks & wasn’t a cracked tooth!!!! I’m not sure how one can crack the jawbone & not a tooth, but he was well covered with prayer last night, so that’s the only explanation I can give you. God is good!!
– Which leaves the next big thing around here…football. And get this, the boys are on the same team this year. Really! It’s flag football & both are learning (first year), so it really is a good thing. Nate is the oldest & will scare off the other team while Anders is the youngest & I’ll bet the most scrappy so will zip around the offense. It’s such a great bonding thing for them – they’re both excited about it. And for the cherry on top, Callie is cheering for their team. Her coach is an old friend & we couldn’t ask for a sweeter one. Plus, she feels like we do that it’s for fun & they don’t really need practice (keep it simple!) so for this fall, our dream has come true – we have all three involved in the same activity with one practice a week! They only have five games, too, so it’s not hogging all Saturdays from now to Thanksgiving. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate Upward?! THIS is why!
– Club is up and running with a team of super teachers. This month we are focusing on love so are memorizing 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 together. With Anders being a schoolboy this year, it is nice to have everybody working on the same passage & for a month at a time. This makes it easier to implement & put into our everyday living.
– Anders & Jack went in for shots last week & Anders was the bravest little toaster I ever saw! He just hopped right up there & took three shots like a little man. What a boy!
– Jack reached Nate’s birth weight at exactly seven weeks – 10 pounds, 13 ounces. He continues to be the family entertainment in the evenings.
– Keith is taking his class on Wednesday nights this semester & while we miss him in Club, it is nice to streamline our family schedule & only have a couple evenings filled a week. That’s been our goal & some said it couldn’t be done – so far, so good.

That about wraps it up for now. I leave you with the photo of the week. For more pix, see Flickr to the left.

Hiding God’s Word – The Love Chapter

We are working together on memorizing 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a in Club & at first read, it looks like just one huge list. How can I every remember all those things?! the kids think. I’ve got a few helps for those who are interested…

“Love is patient, love is kind.”
– point with both hands to the left for these first two. These tell us what love IS.

“It does not Envy, it does not Boast.”
– point over to your right now with both hands. These two are the opposite of what love does. It’s NOT what I want to be, B.E. Turn “be” around to remember the E word comes first & then the B word. Envy is first, then boast.

Now comes a group of four “it is not”s…

“It is not proud
– Stand up straight & haughty, smug.

“It is not rude
– Kind of stick your tongue out when you say this one!

“It is not self-seeking
– Use your hand to shelter your eyes like you’re searching for something (looking out for number one).

“It is not easily angered
– Stomp your feet & shake your fists.

“It keeps no record of wrongs”
– Pretend like you are writing in air. Imagine writing in a ledger (record keeping book).

Now you have the first half down!! Ready to learn the second half? It starts out with a sing-songy sentence. There are two parts to the sentence. The first part has two Ds in it that are close together. That’s how you know what comes first…

“Love Does not DElight in evil but rejoices with the truth.”
– Stress the “not”, “evil”, “joices”, and “truth” to keep the beat.

Now we’ve got another list. The list has four things in it. The first and last start with P, while the two in the middle are TH. To remember what comes next, right after the sing-song part, I think about that pelican we’ve talked about in class. He gives and he gives and he gives without thinking of himself & what he’ll get out of it. One of the ways he gives is by covering up his or her eggs & protecting them from the hot sun. That pelican reminds me…

“It always Protects”
– Hunch shoulders & spread arms like wings to cover up those little pelican eggs.

“always Trusts”
– There’s the T word.

“always Hopes”
– And the H word.

“always Perseveres”
– And finally, the last P word in the list.

We wrap it up with the “toughest part”…
“Love never fails!”

Now that you have God’s definition of love locked up in your brain, let it remind you whenever problems with your siblings or others arise. What’s wrong? Think through your lists. Chances are, you are boasting, or envying someone, or you need to trust, or protect the other. Jesus tells us to love others as He has loved us. We only know what love is because He first showed us love! (Our hymn- Oh, How I Love Jesus)

Try putting “God” in everywhere the word “Love” appears. It works! The Bible tells us “God IS Love” so you can say God is patient, God is kind. He does not envy. He does not boast. He is not proud, He is not rude, He is not self-seeking, He is not easily angered. He keeps no record of wrongs. He does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. He always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. God never fails!!

September 11th, Patriot Day

There’s no such thing as being too patriotic. We will never forget.

God bless the USA!

Chapman Interview

This is late, but I just now was able to listen to part three this morning after starting this over a week ago. If you haven’t heard Dr. Dobson’s interview with Stephen Curtis Chapman about the accident, try to take some time out for it this week. Tears poured as I listened – part three especially resonated with my thoughts after God took Dad Home…

Dobson: “Stephen, are you & Mary Beth angry at God?”
Chapman: “We are not. Honestly. I am angry… very, very angry at the Enemy of God… the Thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.”

My feelings exactly! This whole grief process over the last few years has driven me there, too. Have I written about it? Yeah, I guess I have somewhat (last paragraph). I’ll leave it at that.

Part one fills you in on what happened, part two tells us more about who Maria is, and part three talks about life since. Grab tissues, just a warning.