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Thanks, Auntie V!!


I’ve got one happy, happy boy on my hands this weekend! He got a Lego magazine in the mail both yesterday AND today. Then Uncle Luke came over with a costume Aunt Valerie found while in the checkout lane at the local second hand store!! AWESOME!!! He already had the mask (from Grandma W) & the light saber, though I’ve been informed the whole thing just isn’t complete without a red one – Darth’s color. (I told him to pretend he stole that blue one from a jedi or else start collecting TP tubes to spray paint red.) I’ve had a hard time peeling this off of him to go to church.

I have a special thank you to send out to Valerie for the costume. Nate has been begging me for weeks to let him buy a Spiderman costume from Wal-Mart (size 4!!!) & I just couldn’t get him to understand those kinds of things don’t really come in his sizes much at this point in his life. SO, he suggested we get some material so I could whip him up an outfit or two. THANK YOU for saving me the time, frustration, etc. at the sewing machine trying to do that!!! You’re my hero.:)

Flashback Friday VI

Sorry this is late, but it has been a busy last half of the week. Change of season, you know. Thursday through Saturday were consumed by the bi-annual changing of the clothes. So, though late, this is the newest installment of Flashback Friday…



Since some of you didn’t know me as a wee one:) Didn’t recognize me without all that hair, did you? It was slow in coming in, but made up for lost time.

PS – I also posted a few late pix of our excursion to the Indian Powwow from a few weekends ago over on Flickr to the right.

Happy Chusok 2007!

Chusok chal pullae sa oh!
“Big sky, fat horses.”

Fall is here…

Now, where’s the Spam? I better pick up a gift set at the store tonight for my dear hubby.:) It’s Chusok, you know!

In honor of the holiday & with fond memory of our years at Myongji, I give you a sample of the Baduk Channel. I just love to listen to Hangul – takes me back. Our University is most famous for it’s Baduk degree. Yes, you can get a degree in this game! And Myongji University is the place to “go” if you want to perfect your game (pun intended)…

The timer lady in the background, “Hana, dul, set…” reminds me of our dear trainer at the local Y in Seoul – Mr. Kong. He was HUGE (think a 5′ 5″ Arnold Swartzeneggar with jet black spiky hair) & would yell out the time really loudly for those doing sit-ups, etc. Other Korean Y memories: the row of 50’s style gut wiggle/jiggle machines, the metal disc that people would stand on & turn 360 degrees each way – how did they keep from throwing out their backs?, the large sticks behind the neck swung around wildly, the three gyms full of third-fifth grade students learning Tae Kwon Do after school, the chock full lanes in the swimming pool (half with little ajimonies clad in swim caps chatting it up!), the stares as a 5’8″ pregnant woman worked out, the love for Nate as their little foreign “eggy-ba” (his big blue eyes got the college girls every time), the personal swimsuit wringer-outer at the front of the locker room (at the hotel gym – we worked out there the first year before we found the Y), oh, the memories!

The Faith of a Child

A blogger friend of mine did this back in May & it so touched my heart. I began to take notes on my own children along the same lines. Thanks for the idea, Jeana!…

“I didn’t repay his evil, Mom. Jesus wants me to turn the other cheek.”

Baptizing your toys & brother in the tub.

Tithing a dime (your own idea) when the plate is passed on the dollar you got from doing extra chores.

Reinacting David & Goliath over & over & over & over!!

Playing Sunday School & church – Anders with his “preaching Bible” standing up front & Callie with the CD player. Never mind it was playing the opening theme to “Beauty & the Beast”! First she taught the songs (with motions), then encouraged him to sing more. Then it was on to verse time complete with a sticker chart & stickers to reward those who knew their verse! Finally, they wrapped things up with a gospel presentation using the flipper flapper! I had a hard time watching without them knowing I was watching, but what a kick!!!

Drinking a cup of grape juice with the comment “I’m drinking wine…” – that leading to a 10 minute monologue on Jesus, how He died for our sins, the two bandits on the cross with Him (for some reason that has been a favorite with all three of my children), etc.

Singing loudly while sitting on the couch thinking no one can hear…
“Oh, Thank You, Lord, for dying on the Cr- O-O-O-O-ss. Thank You, Lord, for everything we’ve G-O-O-O-T” to some new song made up just flowing from her heart. All the while playing with Barbies.

Any time the word “died” is mentioned, it naturally follows with “to take away our sins”, even if it’s referring to the cat.

“Who put together the first Bible?”

“Does God love the devil?”

“Where is Heaven & Hell?”

Is Sparky (our cat) in Heaven?”

“Do they know Jesus? Should we tell them?” (to ANYone we pass in the grocery store.)

Yom Kippur

Today is the Jewish Day of Atonement – the most sacred of the year (Leviticus 23:27-32). As Christians, we too can honor this day. Isn’t is awesome that God came down in human flesh to be sacrificed so we could be atoned for our sin? To do away with the picture & fulfill the promise?

On this day, the priest would enter the Holy of Holies, sprinkle blood on the Ark of the Covenant, & pray for the sins of the people. If he was holy & his prayers were acceptable before God, no harm would come to him. But, he took his life into his hands to do this. They had bells sewn onto the hems of their robes & tied a rope around their leg so that if God did not except his prayer, the other priests would hear the bells jingle when he hit the floor & they could pull his dead body out by the rope! He did not come lightly.

I’ve often thought how I would’ve loved to have been born into the Levitical family in the times of Solomon’s great temple. Can you imagine how awesome that would’ve been to SEE God in your midst as a cloud in the Holy of Holies? All that beautiful gold & gems! To hear the powerful music as the choir praises! Then it hits me – Christ has not only made us adopted Jews, we are a royal priesthood!!! Even the women! “You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people”! WHY? “…that you may PROCLAIM the praises of Him Who called you out of darkness & into His glorious light!” (1 Peter 2:9) Think on that. We are called out of darkness & into His light for the purpose of PROCLAIMING HIM.

What a gift we’ve been given in our salvation. We don’t have to wait until Yom Kippur to ask for deliverance from our sin. We can boldly come before the throne of our Holy God any day or time. We can call Him “Abba”, our Daddy. Instead of us going to God, He dwells IN US!! Amazing love.

I love this song, but this video in particular plucks at my heartstrings because it’s a Korean 4th & 5th grade SS class.:) Sweet…

Flashback Friday V

1980’s…Peanut & Prism, the synchronized swimming duo.

1990’s…Diva & Bride, world travelers.

2000’s…Boozm Buddies!!

See? I was nice. But, oh, what I could’ve pulled out!! I will have to try to dig around for those re-e-eally old ones later. They must be in Mom’s basement.

Lifehouse Everything Skit

If you haven’t seen this skit yet, it’s worth the five minutes…

Thanks, Lindsey, for passing this on.