Respect Dare

For Club this year, each of the teachers are receiving a copy of The Love Dare, seeing as how Love is the first Fruit of the Spirit & they all intermingle around each other. Good book. Anyway, our Sunday School class is going through Dr. Eggerich’s DVDs on his book Love & Respect. For those of you who’ve read that book, the DVD or conference are about two notches above that even! It really is good. See if you can get to a conference or your church will consider getting the DVDs.

Anywho, all that to say, I am inspired to start a new section on the ol’ blog called the Respect Dare. Each post in this section will challenge us as wives to look for ways to show our men respect & love in practical ways. I want to do that & pass these ideas along to my daughter & future daughters-in-law, so thought I may as well post it for whoever wants to join me. Feel free to comment &/or add ideas. I’ve brainstormed 35 ideas so far, but it will take me awhile to hash those out, so be patient. I’ll post as they work their way out of my brain. : ] This comes from years of watching & relating to my brothers, father, husband, & sons. It’s from years of watching how other women relate to their husbands. When you step back & observe, you learn a lot! There’s also several resources I’ve read over the years. I’ll link a few of them here to whet your appetite:
30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge
Love & Respect
Created To Be His Help Meet
For Women Only
Warning: This is not a PC dare.

Respect Dare #1
Respect Dare #2
Respect Dare #3
Respect Dare #4
Respect Dare #5
Respect Dare #6
Respect Dare #7
Respect Dare #8

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