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This Is the Day the Lord Has Made

Tonight was very good in spite of everything. It was one of those nights where everything just flowed! I could tell Keith was praying for me.

First of all, we’ve had bad news lately. The other day, we were told Scott‘s brain cancer is growing again in the spot where doctors removed the first growth. He has to decide which treatment to go with – chemo, which would wipe him out just as he’s starting to get back to school & church work again – surgery, again! – or radiation, which would entail a half day strapped down & zapped. He said the kids (he heads up the Sunday morning kids club) laid hands & prayed for/with him Sunday & it was about the best time of prayer he’d had. Pray for the family, Scott, the kids in the group.

Then tonight we heard that Kevin‘s cancer has returned. Both kinds. And they’re aggressive. My heart breaks for him, the family, all of us. When one hurts, we all hurt with them. There has been a day of prayer & fasting called for the church tomorrow. Which leads me to tonight. Sounds like it would’ve been a downer, but we had a wonderful time of teaching & prayer. I challenged the kids to join in on a fast of some kind, or wear a dot, etc. as a reminder to pray. We talked about various kinds of fasts they might be able to do: water to drink only, not milk, juice, etc., no dessert, no fruit? etc. The other idea was to wear a bracelet to remind them to pray throughout the day, or put a dot in a few places around the house where they’d see it & remember to pray, or put their watch on the opposite wrist it is normally on as a reminder to pray, etc. The kids got excited about the fact that they are in on this whole prayer thing, too. I’m glad to help them see how important they are in the Body even now. Hopefully tonight they are talking with their parents about possibilities for their own prayer reminders tomorrow.

We sang a song about today being the day the Lord has made. How can you rejoice in a day where terrible news/things happen? We talked about rejoicing not always being a big happy smile, but sometimes a painful tear, but with a trust that God made this day & He has a plan for it. We can rejoice that our God is in charge & trustworthy in it all. Then we learned a new song about Psalm 1. We are to be like a tree, planted by the water, trusting in the Father to keep us strong & help us grow. The tree can stand tall even in the worst night storm, why? It is planted by the water with it’s roots growing deep & can bear fruit in all seasons (love, joy, peace, patience, etc.)

Then our story was on Bartameus, the blind man, healed by Jesus. We talked about his darkness, not only because he was blind, but also because he was born in sin just like all of us. Jesus is the Light of the world. He came to bring His Light to a dark, blind world. We finished singing one of my favorite Donut Man songs that I haven’t had the opportunity to share with the kids yet, “Blind Leading the Blind”. We talked about how without Christ, we are blind & groping around in the darkness of sin, sure to fall into the holes of sin & then have to deal with the consequences. We talked about some of the sinful pits people find themselves in when they walk in darkness. Then we talked about our M verse (the verse we are on for this week), “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” We compared following our Good Shepherd vs. following the blind we see around us on TV or in our classrooms/neighborhoods. A wise person follows the Light while the foolish follow after blind people & end up in the hole right with the blind! They got it!! Even the five year olds stayed with me on it. If you get a chance to hear Donut Man’s song, it is a good one for teaching the kids this very important lesson. He is so good at writing fun songs with the lessons no one else is writing about…

Oh, the blind are leading the blind
With an Uh, uh, oh!! Tell me what they’ll find?
Fall in a hole, that’s right they’ll fall in a hole!
That’s what you’ll find, when the blind are leading the blind!

If you turn away from Christ, you are blinded without sight.
You will never know His ways
If you don’t know what the Bible says!

There are people you will find who to the ways of God are blind.
Do not follow them or you might fall down with them, too!

When I hear the words you say it tells me if you know the way.
Can you show God’s love to me? Are you blind or do you see?

Oh, the blind are leading the blind
With an Uh, uh, oh!! Tell me what they’ll find?
Fall in a hole, that’s right they’ll fall in a hole!
That’s what you’ll find, when the blind are leading the blind!

Stop Kickin’ Up a Fuss & Take a Little Nap

Keith took the kids to the library Saturday morning after Nate’s basketball game & they dropped me off to shop alone!!! Wow, what a difference that makes in one’s shopping experience, let me tell you. No squashed bread, hide & seek in the toilet paper isles, etc.

Anyway, they came back with a ton of books & Songs of the Civil War CD . We’ve been listening to that the last few days accompanied by the kids dancing jigs to it in the living room. Cute. (It’s a little heavy on the Confederate side for my taste, musically speaking.) Callie’s devouring the Little House series right now, so Home Sweet Home is appropriate there & all. Two Little Boys & Goober Peas are fun songs, but one song (Cumberland Gap) stands out as a favorite & so has been adopted as Anders’ new theme song. To hear the song in its entirety, although a different rendition, go here. In the CD we have, we are treated to banjo, some skillful spoon-playing, whistling at one point, & they repeat the chorus line quite a bit more, hence the reason for it being Anders’ new theme…

Lay down boys & take a little nap
They’re kicking up a fuss in the Cumberland Gap.

I think it’s hilariously ironic that he loves this song so! You can imagine the words we’ve come up with for our family verses.

Medieval Helpdesk

Have you seen this? My sister-in-law blogged this last week & I just think it’s funnier every time I watch it. For anyone who has ever had the thrill of helping another person with a computer mental block, this is for you. As I’ve said many a time, BLESS those tech help guys!! I could never do their job.


Why Women Live Longer Than Men

In response to this post, I give a balanced perspective.
(Thanks, Family Man Ministries for the photos.)
Look carefully to get the full humor. Sorry the pix are a bit small.


“Let’s see those Chinese acrobats do this!!!”


“I’ve got you, buddy. Just a little further.”


“Hey, who moved the truck?!”


“What are you looking for? And what’s up with the yellow suits?”


“Of course I know it’s not safe to do electrical work around water…that’s why I’m standing safely above it on this metal ladder.”


“Yeah, it’s a stupid idea…but you gotta admire my ingenuity.”


“What do you think I am, dumb? Of course I set the parking brake.”

More Anders-isms

Anders has been cranking out the funnies over the last week. Had to write a few down…

“It’s snowing here. Is it snowing at your place?”
– On the phone with same age cousin Sam who happens to live right next door! Keith & I could just imagine Sam on the other side getting all excited, “Yeah!! It IS snowing here!!”

“I don’t know who I’m going to marry!”
– Sobbing after put to bed the other night. “I can’t marry Callie & I can’t marry Mommy. Who AM I going to marry? I don’t know!”

“Oh! I threw up!!!”
– Along with sounds accompanying the decorating of his Twinkie for Callie’s cake. I let the boys each put their own coloring on their “sleeping bags”. He promptly took the green & dribbled it from his little cookie chin to the bottom of his John Deere green frosted Twinkie. You can get a close-up of his decorating job in the Flickr pic to the left.

“I thought it was marshmallow.”
– Comment after he took a chomp out of the bottom of the giant “7” candle, accompanied by much spitting & sputtering. I’m saving it for his seventh birthday cake.

“Do you sometimes wish you were a boy so you could wear a tie?”
– To Callie while they were playing with 5 sies together. He was wearing his tie clipped onto his turtleneck at the time. Callie’s answer, “Not really.”

“Throw it in the dump. I don’t like aces.”
– During his turn at family card game night while playing Polish Poker, a.k.a. Golf. He just randomly decided aces weren’t his favorite cards I guess.

“Mom, this is kiw-wwing me!”
– Translation: this is killing me. Always accompanied by a horrid grimace on the face & usually comes along with a dramatic hand to the forehead. Any time he is asked to do something he doesn’t want to do such as put away the clean silverware, or take in an educational show he’d rather not watch.

And some things just take a picture to capture. The other day, I walked into the bathroom to find this. I knew Anders had been there! He said it was taking a long time, so he set up some entertainment for himself to while away the time. That little stool the keyboard is so precariously perched upon is for tooth brushing. Ingenious!


A “Slumber” Party for the Seven Year Old

First off, before you read this, you need to click here & crank the sound way up. Sorry, I don’t know how nor have the time to figure out how to get music to just start up on this site. This song was Keith’s idea.

Highlights of Callie’s seventh birthday celebration:

– Aliyah lost a tooth during the party for the second year in a row!
– pizza, pop, glow in the darks, and bunk beds.
– the fishing game & playing store for party favors.
– American Girl dolls & Cabbage Patch kids.
– the giggles of four circa seven year old gals!!!
– the colored long hair wigs (Callie picked those out for the girls to have. They were the hit party favor by far. Well, that & the princess lip gloss.)
– “Napoleon” ice cream & frosted Twinkies (My kids have never had a Twinkie before so this was an over the top treat.)

More fun to follow in the morning. I got Callie’s favorites for breakfast – frozen sausage patties, frozen egg patties, & hash browns. She gets the frozen patties from Grandma W every morning when we visit up there. To her that is the height of luxury to have round egg patties. To each her own, you know? It sure makes breakfast easy for me tomorrow. Seeing as how we still hear thumping around up there & it’s well past 11, I expect a late brunch.

After Note: Come to find out, four seven year olds do not sleep when put together for the night. I barked at them for the last time around 1:30am & woke to them bumping their dolls around in there at 7 sharp. They told of their many trips up & downstairs in the night for drinks, restroom breaks, snacks of vanilla wafers, putting on princess tatoos, rounds of bean bag toss (the new game one of the girls brought for a gift), etc. Do you think they’ll need a nap today? They still seem pretty perky this morning.

After after note: Got to snuggle down for a long winter’s nap with my young ‘uns curled up under my arms. Loved every minute of it!! What a wonderful way to celebrate my baby girl’s birth! That long night was worth it after all. Come to think of it, that’s what Callie & I were doing together for the first time exactly seven years ago.

See Flickr photos on the left for pix of the party. (Sorry, I put them in backwards again. One of these times I’ll get that right.)

Happy Birthday, Lina Sue!! You’re growing up to be such a sweet little gal! I’m so glad God gave me you. 🙂


New Bloggy Friends

Spent some time last night & this morning reading about this cool couple. Both are fellow Liberty grads & Nate’s (the new daddy) a PK as well as pastor. She has CF & they just had their first baby girl. Both girls will stay in the hospital for a while as Tricia (Mommy) is waiting for a double lung transplant, & Gwyneth (baby girl) was born at 25 weeks. Neat family! Gotta move on with the day, but will be praying for them. Join me?