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Saturday Quick Links

It’s been crazy busy around here lately & blogging just hasn’t fit into the schedule of life. But I had to link a few great podcasts & jot down a few lines to remember before they escape me for good. Maybe a few of these resources will be helpful to you as well.

Jesus Calling for Kids by Sarah Young. Excellent way to start the day! Sample: “When Moses & the Israelites were wandering in the desert, they were given manna to eat. Each morning they were given just enough for that day. They could not store it up for the future. This day-by-day gathering helped them remember that they needed Me – every day…My peace works in much the same way. When you come to Me in prayer with a thankful heart, I give you enough Peace for today…” – Good stuff, I don’t care who you are! This looks like a very simple devotional book for kids, but don’t let it fool you. Adults will be challenged, refresh, & fed, too. The sample little thought from April 18th has been ringing in my ears for weeks. God gives us just enough peace, just enough joy, just enough love, (fill in each Fruit of the Spirit) for TODAY. We just need to go pick it up! Daily. Trusting Him for it. I love that picture. Every day, getting out of the tent first thing in the morning & gathering the Fruit God gives for that day.

Been listening to Nancy Leigh DeMoss & every time, she brings just what I need to hear! Great listens lately…

Together Growing Appetites for God – We moms spend so much time, money, planning, etc. making sure our children have proper nutrition, but what about their spiritual nourishment? Do they hunger & thirst for God’s Word? Do you? This podcast has inspired me to switch our family club time of going through the CEF material to simply reading the Bible through together. Keith & I have read the Bible through together several times over the years, but I’ve never thought to do that systematically with the kids. We’re in Acts & loving it!

– For those of us with men &/or boys in your life, or those that have little girls that will be looking for a man someday, you need to take a listen here: Snips & Snails Series, and specifically Encouraging Men to Be Men. This along with another podcast, Singing With A Whole Heart, remind me of the many, many things I love about my man. It wasn’t good luck that God gave me a great one! I’ll have to blog some time on a list of things girls should look for in a man. For my daughter. Next time I have time! If you listen to the singing podcast, give a listen to the next one in the series as well, Why Should You Sing?. It’s another one well worth the time.

New Webkinz-like game with a purpose – Well done, fun, & not a time-waster. Praying more ministries do this kind of thing for our children.

Okay, that was quick & probably really choppy, but I had to share. My iPod is loaded & charged for the grocery store. Gotta run! Saturday chores call.