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2007 Women Drivers Award

A girlfriend of mine sent these my way a while back. Too funny!! I’ve been saving them for just the right time to share; guess the end of the year fits as well as any. Not to say women are always the bad drivers, but hey, the pictures don’t lie. Men just never have their camera around and would NEVER take a picture of it that’s for sure. They’d just “fix it quick and pretend it NEVER happened!”

The top 10 contestants for
The 2007 Women Drivers Award:

10th place goes to…


And the 9th place goes to…


8th place…










Bronze Medal Winner…


Silver Medal Winner…


…with her helmet being worn backwards.

And the Gold Medal goes to…


WOW ! ! How does that happen?!?
Oh never mind… CONGRATULATIONS ! !
This concludes the
2007 Women Drivers Awards Ceremony.
Thank you to all contestants for giving
us all a reason to laugh & smile.

(For the men’s turn, click here.)

Have You Seen the Recent Huckabee Ad?

It is peculiar, the media’s reaction to Huckabee’s latest ad…

Cookie Roberts: He’s stating the fact: It’s Christ’s birth, doing it in a very low-key way and the people talking about it is us. I think if you’re just watching TV ads, that that one is faaaar nicer to look at than all the attack ads.

John Harwood: …a stroke of genius.

Joe Scarborough: This is the genius of him.

I would’ve expected them to scream “separation of church & state!”. Keeping my ear to the ground until the primaries.

“Now That I’ve Held Him In My Arms…”


Simeon & Anna have long been huge heroes of mine. In high school, a duet was written about Simeon that Dad & I sang together, “Now that I’ve held him in my arms…” It touches my heart even now. Dad sang the Simeon part. If our next baby is a girl, we want to give her the middle name Ann after Anna (with Victoria as a first name, the extra “a” is a bit much!).

During our Seoul Union years, one Christmas we were asked to write a devotional before Thanksgiving & Pastor compiled them all into an advent booklet, complete with children’s drawings, etc. I love that idea! We still have that booklet from way back in 1996. I wrote on, you guessed it, Anna.

Scripture Reading: Luke 2:36-38
Key Verse: “…and (Anna) continued to speak of Him to all those who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem.” (verse 38)

An ordinary couple came with an “average” baby to the temple for their routine sacrifice. Yet Anna was walking with her Father so closely & watching so intently for the Saviour of her people to come as promised that she recognized Him immediately.

Those around her talked of a king who would kick the Romans out of Israel. “When will He come and avenge us?” they asked. Others had given up hope that He would ever come. Still others said they were watching & waiting, but lived their lives as if He never would. But not Anna! She was very old & yet still she watched daily for God’s promise. So when He did come, she knew His face instantly. She recognized the same spirit in that Baby that she communed with every day! She couldn’t stop talking about Him!

Are we eagerly waiting for our Saviour’s return? Will we recognize His glorious face when we stand before Him? Or are we as those around Anna, speculating our own ideas of how & when He will come? Or, have we given up hope altogether that He’ll ever return? Do we live our lives as if He won’t be back any time soon?

Anna challenges me to anxiously await my Lord’s return daily. And always be so “in tune” with God that I won’t be surprised when I see him. If we really believe He’s returning, we can’t help but “continue speaking of Him” to those around us until that day.

Prayer: Lord, may I be faithful as Anna was in watching for You. Remind me that You do keep Your promises; You will come back, and there are those around me who’ve not heard. Give me Anna’s sense of joy at communing with You daily, her sense of urgency to share You with those around her, and her keen spiritual awareness to see You in the “Ordinary” things in life. Amen.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss is talking about Anna & Simeon today at Revive Our Hearts. Gonna download that one & listen in!

PS – Just listened. She has the old song Dad & I sang!!! She found it!! 🙂 It was Michael Card – I remember that now. Love, love, love that Michael Card. Thank You, Lord, for that extra special little blessing today.

Thankful for Thirteen

Happy Anniversary to us! Happy Anniversary to us! Happy Anniversary, Dear Lovey. Happy Anniversary to us.

Thirteen glorious years ago today, we set out on this journey of life together. And I’m so glad to be living this life with one so smart as well as wise, fun-loving, patient, and full of integrity. I truly admire this man. He so needs me (think Absent-minded Professor), but I so need him (think Anne Shirley before Gilbert). God sure knew what He was doing when He put us together.


Every year, my dear hubby plans a fun outing in celebration of the day. Usually, due to the crowding of Christmas schedules, it doesn’t happen on the actual day of our anniversary, but somewhere within the week or two surrounding. Over the years, we’ve had various get-aways, but this year Keith scouted out a unique Christmas program. A rather large church in Columbus had a one night only praise & worship Christmas celebration. Neither of us quite knew what to expect, but it was fantastic! We came away focused on the Savior’s birth & majesty. We were able to participate the whole time, rather than just be spectators which we both loved. (By the way, that’s something else I adore about Keith. He loves to sing & join in. He not one of those guys who just observes a church service.) Very well done.

One thing that really made this unique was that the words were displayed at all times for the choir & audience so everybody could sing all the time. Participation was welcomed. It had carols we all knew interspersed with new songs of worship & praise to the King of Kings. They only did it once, so the choir was really singing from the heart, not pumping out another performance.

The format was familiar, though. I always loved Dad’s Christmas Eve service & this echoed it. Dad would have people of varying ages read a section of the Luke 2 passage, & in between, he had Christmas carols that focused on that section & there’d be special music done by those who had something (music, skit, etc.) prepared to help you focus on each section of the story. This church had the same basic idea just on a larger scale. A man came to the mic & read a section, then there were worship & praise numbers to join in on, then maybe one special song from a soloist, then the next passage was read. So it was reminiscent of the old Christmas Eve services Dad did as well.

Afterward, we ate at The Cheesecake Factory. Can I just say that place is the bomb? Never been there before, but seeing as how I *LUV* cheesecake, it’s been on the list for quite some time. We both left dizzy from the sugar high after the incredible cheesecake. It was something else. But for dinner, Keith enjoyed bbq ribs & I had orange chicken & stir fry/rice. AWESOME! Both of them. They were such huge portions we traded half way through. Great meal. Another great anniversary date. A huge thanks to Mom who loved on the kids while we were out.

I have to say, the thing I’ve learned over the last few years is to be thankful for each day together. We are not guaranteed another. And so I cherish today & celebrate the past year God has given us together. Not everyone is so blessed.


Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!


Well, we’re snowed in for the weekend. I love it! Keith only wishes it wouldn’t always hit on a weekEND. Yes, we did learn our lesson from last year & have winterized. Time for a crockpot bubbling with chili, a pan of hot cornbread, & chocolate chip cookies. I put original Little Rascals on the computer for the kids to watch while we baked. Never tried that before, but it was fun.

Every time it snows like this, it reminds me of the first year we were married & got snowed in down in Virginia. Keith was finishing up his teaching degree & my two younger brothers were in school at Liberty, too, so we got together often for Sunday dinner or whatever. The boys had an apartment off campus about a half a mile from ours for a little while.

Our oldest brother lived two hours away, so Luke was off to visit him one weekend. I think the other brother must’ve been out on tour during all this. (He was in the Sounds of Liberty. Best looking one in the group, too. Not proud of him or anything.) The plan was for Patrick to drive Luke home Sunday afternoon, but the forcast was looking ominous & we thought we better give them a call to get Patrick thinking about perhaps moving the trip up a day early. “Oh, you guys have been down south too long! For crying out loud, a few flakes fall & you all make a mad rush to the grocery to stock up on toilet paper, rice, & milk. Like you’re going to need more rice during a storm or something. We’ll be all right. Don’t panic.” A few hours later we called back & snow had started where they were. “Well, I guess we can come up early. It’s no big deal.”

By the time they found their way back to VA, they were totally snowed in. As I recall, they had to make a hike to our apartment a mere 24 hours later for some TOILET PAPER!!! It was too rich! I will never let my big brother forget that one. He ended up spending three or four days in VA with Luke rather than going back. We all had a fun time playing in the snow that week though. It was kind of our last “childhood” hurrah together before our own kids came along. Good times.


More on Rhett and Link

Hey, after looking into Rhett and Link more, found out they started out doing video clips for Campus Crusade for Christ. It is great to see funny guys doing clean humor. You don’t have to get all crude & foul to be funny. For more on these guys, go to I’m hoping they make it big time & prove clean humor can make it.

Football Mania

My little guy has all of a sudden taken up football as the main interest in his life. He is entirely his own man, let me tell you! Neither big brother nor Daddy have ever gotten into football as much as he has these last few months. He chose the Patriots to be his favorite team. We live in Ohio, so I don’t know if it’s the colors or what, but since the Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl this year, I have to say he has a very good eye for a four year old.

Every time we go to the library, he marches up to the desk & asks the librarian to help him find some football books. At this point, he knows which shelf to find the basic ones, but like last time, he wanted a Christmas football book. He’s looking for those off-beat football books. Anyway, a few weeks ago, we went to the itty bitty branch close by & he spied a brand new copy of “Then Tress Said to Troy”. Mind you, this is a big book, not a picture book, complete with a CD of old great Buckeye moments in history. He was adamant about getting that book, insisting he would read it, & he has. He came straight home, stuck the CD in the player & sat fingering through that book while listening for at least an hour! He has been spotted carting that book around under his arm pretty much every day since.

Anyway, this morning, he got up earlier than the other two, a common occurrence, but we had an hour or so to snuggle & “connect”, so we looked through some football books together. He paged through telling me which team each player is on based upon their uniforms & helmets, & whether or not they are the “far away team” in the game picture or the “close team” (home & away). He is incredibly good at knowing the teams! I haven’t spent any time drilling him on the various teams, so don’t know how he knows them. He must be very observant during the games he’s watched with Daddy. He was pointing out each team & all when he came across one he didn’t know. He looked at it closely, then said, “Oh, I know. That team is the ‘Tippy Tops’.” He came up with the best name for a team he could come up with to cover his tracks. Not a bad name for a team if I do say so myself. Just wondering what the mascot would be on that one. Hm-m-m.

Go, Tippy Tops, Go!!!