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Twas the Night Before Christmas Break

(This went around Keith’s school last year – a little teacher humor!)

‘Twas the days before Christmas,
And all through the school,
The teachers were trying
To just keep their cool.

The hallways were hung
With Christmas art
(Some made in November
to get a head start!)

The children were bouncing
Off ceilings and walls,
And seemed to forget
How to walk in the halls.

When out of the teachers’ lounge
With “holiday shirts”
And “jingle bell jewels”,
The teachers looked festive
Enfourcing the rules.

Suddenly, from down the hallway
There came such a chatter,
The princal went in
To see what was the matter.

The teachers were hiding
And trying to refuel,
On coffee and cookies
And treats from the Yule.

When what to their wondering
Ears do they hear,
But the ringing of school bells
– It’s the children, they fear!

More rapid than reindeer
The little ones came,
And the teachers all shouted
and called them by name;

Walk, Vincent! Walk, Tanner!
Walk, Tyler & Sammy!
Sit, Jamie! Sit, Laura!
Sit, Tara & Tammy!

To your desks in the room!
To your spots in the line!
Now walk to them! Walk to them!
No running this time!

So straight to their places
The children all went.
With fear of detention
Where they could be sent.

With manuals of lessons
Cradled in arms,
The teachers began
To use all of their charms.

But the lessons presented
All fell on deaf ears.
The children were thinking
Of Santa’s reindeer!

With a toss of their hands
They put manuals aside,
Went straight to the cupboards
Where videos hide.

And laying their fingers
On the tv remote
They sat back to write
Their last Christmas note.

But you could hear them exclaim
At the end of the day –
Have a wonderful, happy, and

12 Years of Fun!

Keith & I try to celebrate our anniversay a little differently each year. Being a week before Christmas, there’s always lots going on. Keith is good at coming up with fun things to do. Here’s what we’ve done through the years to celebrate…
1st year anniversary – went to Calvary Church in Charlotte, NC (where Keith’s aunt & uncle live) to see their Christmas program. they did Michael W. Smith‘s big production that year. It was beautiful!
2nd year – FLEW!! That year was our first in Korea together. I was newly pregnant with N & we spent the whole day on a flight back to the States for Christmas break. That anniversary actually ended up lasting like 36 some hours! It ended in Minnesota having dinner with Grandma & Grandpa Jensen.
3rd year – Went to Crystal Free Church, MN to see their Christmas program. If you’re familiar with Odysee, it was a rendition of their Christmas episode when they go back in time.
4th year – We had just gotten back from Korea & where in MN. Grandma & Grandpa W watched N while we went out to the Grand Corral for steak. Then we drove around looking at Christmas lights together.
5th year – We were living in Ohio for the first year at the trailer. Keith took me to the Nutcraker in style! We dressed up in our rehersal dinner duds & took in the show at the Palace Theare in Columbus. We ate dinner at a “haunt” from our honeymoon. ( Our honeymoon was in Florida, but we spent the first night at the Capital Hyatt in Columbus).
6th year – Our first year at the farm. We celebrated by going to Steve’s Dakota Grill for steak.
7th year – Caroline was about to be born. We went to see the Grinch movie with Jim Carey. BIG disappointment!
8th year – Went to Woody’s steakhouse while Grandma Carol & Grandpa Don watched the babies. (Keith loves steak & we only get it on anniversaries.:)
9th year – I was pregnant with Anders. We went to see the new Lord of the Rings movie.
10th year – One of our favorite concerts – we went to see Harry Conick, Jr. He was great!!
11th year – Went to a Japanese Steakhouse in Columbus & saw SCChapman in concert. He was good. Also with him was Mercy Me. The surprise was that we sat right behind a friend of my brother’s (we knew each other in high school, too) & he had connections to back stage passes that he passes on to us! We got to be with only like 50 people after the concert who got to talk to SCC & Mercy Me one-on-one, get pictures taken, etc. it was a really cool surprise!
12th year – Our long awaited Liberty Trip. Keith & I had thought about this trip for our 10th, but it just never worked out. Sara (my cousin) graciously agreed to watch over the homefront while Mom went to help greet the newest grandbaby. It was so fun to get away & see how Liberty has changed since we left so many years ago.

Well, kids, there you have it. I write this out mostly for you to know how romantic your parents were through the years.

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