These are the thoughts of a happily married, stay-at-home mom to four young ‘uns. We live in an Ohio farmhouse built in 1874 by my grandpa’s great-grandpa when his boy was 8 years old. An aunt & uncle live to one side of us, my mom the other (with my brother, sister-in-law, & their children temporarily), and a cousin in the woods behind us. We call it the “family compound”. My time is invested in loving my sweet hubby, homeschooling our children, keeping the home operating, and teaching at church. All for the glory of God!!

25 Random Things About Me

1) I’ve been a radio DJ, wildly popular babysitter, pack rat at a science warehouse, grocery clerk, waitress, ice cream hop, University teacher, elementary teacher, church teacher, wife, & home school teacher/ mom. Actually, I enjoyed every last one of these jobs in different ways.

2) The only job I’ve ever had that I hated was being a fast food monkey at Rax. That career lasted exactly two days. I quit. The hat made me look ridiculous. They couldn’t pay me enough to wear that thing in public. Just one of many reasons I had to give them my premature resignation.

3) My hair has always been the blight of my life. I feel such a kindred spirit to Anne Shirley there, although for me it’s the “mind of it’s own”, not the color I have issues with.

4) One month out of every twelve, I pick my nails all down to a nub. Don’t ask me why. Just picked em down over this last weekend. Drives me nuts, but at least I grow them back quickly now. As a kid, they were always picked to shreds.

5) I have a fairly prominent freckle on my right pinky finger. This kept me honest when trying for seconds on candy as a kid in the group at school or church. It’s kind of a”John Boy” looking freckle, but has faded over the years. While we’re at it, my cousin & I share a freckle on our right thighs. She was my synchronized swimming buddy in middle school at her pool. That’s how we discovered the twin thigh freckles.

6) I’m not afraid of mice or really any rodent. But I can’t stand to kill bugs. I hate the sound & feel of it. EWWWW!!! I’m pretty much of a wuss about it & squeal for Keith or one of my boys to come do it. Isn’t that why God gave me so many boys?

7) I didn’t honestly know there was a difference between MN & Wisconsin until after I was married (to a Minnesotan man). They melded together in my mind. Now, after fifteen bilssful years & countless trips to MN, I realize there’s a world of difference. No self-respecting Minnesotan would be caught dead with a wedge of cheese on their head!

8 ) We didn’t have a TV until we had been married five years. Highly recommend it!! Never yet paid a cable bill either. Five channels are plenty, thank you very much.

9) I grew up with three brothers, no sisters, & used to tell people I was glad I didn’t have a sister because she’d have probably been skinnier & more talented than me & then I’d have jealousy issues. And I meant that. I don’t say that or think that any more. I do at times miss having a sister these days. But, ironically, I preach to myself when I tell my daughter (also an only girl among three brothers so far) as she complains about no sisters, “If God knew you needed a sister, He would’ve given you one.”

10) I’m very content, almost to a fault. It’s a good thing a lot of times, to be content. I don’t wish for another’s life, car, house, kids, spouse, church, anything! But, there are times I get so content, I don’t look to see how things could be better if I just (fill in the blank). Thus, God gave me Keith. He is great at seeing what we need around the house. He tells me, I go buy it. The end.

11) I love names & their meanings. I think names are very significant & their meanings are, well, meaningful. For example, my name means “contented one” (see #10). Our four children have very meaning filled names. We chose each of them carefully & even wrote a song for each to help them remember & hear their name’s meaning as they grow up. I love names!

12) I used to consider myself a dog lover but I don’t anymore. Keith has helped me appreciate outdoor cats (we’ve had them most of our married life minus the overseas years).

13) I love, love, love kids’ music & books. I’d rather listen to Donut Man or read Little House word for word over, say listen to Barry Manilow or read The Shack any day!

14) I have a hard time not talking during movies. Ask my cousin (same one mentioned in #5).

15) My favorite place to be is snuggled up on the couch with my husband under his long wing of an arm, cradling my baby late at night. Preferably with the fireplace going.

16) My most favorite pieces of furniture we have are our Amish hickory rockers. They are perfect! If you don’t have one, you gotta go get yourself one. We have two right in front of our fireplace & they are the most used furniture in our home hands down. And no, Irving Yoder didn’t hire me to say that!

17) I love vegetables. My mom & grandma used to laugh at me because they had never before had to tell a child to stop eating their veggies or they’ll get sick. I’ve never been sick on them, but still love ’em. Potatoes, corn, squash, peas, beets, carrots, you name it pretty much, except brussle sprouts & raw tomatoes.

18 ) Fall used to be my favorite season. Now, they all are. Time seems to be going so fast, I really enjoy each one – spring: the smell of dirt & excitement of watching seeds grow – summer: getaway time with family & watching the kids dance in the sprinkler – fall: leaves turning & sweater weather – winter: snow days & hot cocoa. There’ll be seasons in Heaven, don’t you think?

19) I think about Heaven a lot. Especially the last four or five years. I’ve already put in a request for violin & guitar lessons in the first 100 years or so as well as to get to sing in the exact center spot in the choir. I LOVE to hear all the parts & sing beside people on some other part.

20) I’m using the same “make up bag” (snicker) I got twenty years ago. I guess that means I’ve had it more than half my life now! It is so 80’s: kelly green with navy bottom & handle. It will probably outlast me & be one of those gawdy heirlooms my poor great-granddaughter will feel bad about throwing out. It’s made out of canvas & was purchased to match the wallet my aunt gave me of the same material. I snicker because in my bag, I have cotton balls, toothbrush & paste, eyeshadow & lipstick from prom, contact stuff, etc. I’m not really a make up kind of gal. But I could pick up & go in a heartbeat if needed – it’s all there. That’s just the way I roll.

21) I was shocked when Keith suggested we have separate toothpastes. That really hurt my feelings that he didn’t want to “work it out” in this area as newlyweds. He’s a squeeze-from-the-end & I’m a grab-in-the-middle. We got two separate tubes in the first month & haven’t looked back. Good decision.

22) I make lists. Lots of lists. There’s a list for today, this week, month, long term goals, Club stuff, Valentines stuff, etc. etc. even now that I can see where I sit & type. If it’s not on a list, I’ll most likely forget about it.

23) I sort of like to sew, but have never yet successfully sewn anything with a pattern. It turns out best when I “eyeball it”. So far, I’ve made the kids Indian outfits, aprons, bonnets, kingly capes, etc. & the kids have gotten years of enjoyment out of them. That’s what counts, right? The one thing I tried to make with a pattern, a vest for myself, I screwed up first crack out of the bag! I wore it anyway, but it looked dumb. No patterns!

24) I love to play most board games, card games, & party games like Four on a Couch, Pit, & Loaded Questions.

25) I’m coming in on the home stretch of reading the Bible clear through for the third time, this time with Keith. We started reading a chapter a night together before praying a little over three years ago. Great decision!! One of the most simple, yet strengthening thing we’ve done for our marriage over the years.

9 responses to “About

  • Julie D.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this morning. My heart has been so encouraged. I’m sorry for the loss of your grandmother and will be lifting you up in prayer today.

  • renaissanceguy

    You have a wonderful blog. I plan to visit again.

  • missy

    I didn’t know you lived in Ohio!! You must email me and tell me where….what if we live down the street from each other!?!?! I know we probably don’t BUT….what if?!?


  • Sandi Imhoff

    I soooo have enjoyed your site this few minutes in which I couldn’t sleep…hot flashes…My kids from church are on my heart…specifically ideas are buzzing as I attempt to concoct (sp?) a skit for this summers youth camp on Elisha and the chariots and army blindness. I would love to pick your brain about it!

  • J

    Hello from Canada,

    I’m also a stay-at-home mom. I came across your site while searching for a picture of the fruit of the spirit. I love reading about your God honoring family and your wonderful faith-building ideas. You’ve written so much. I’d love to come back to read more but I’ve noticed that everytime I do, it tries to load hundreds of images and it really takes a long time to do that. Perhap you can show just the current month and leave the rest to your already established archives.

    Thanks for reading my comment and may God continue to bless your family.

  • Carol Montgomery

    Hi! You might be interested in a new book, “The Respect Dare” – it’s a collection of stories of applied respect from women who have participated in the course, “Daughters of Sarah.” Women talk about how they have respected their husbands through obedience to a scripture – it’s amazing the changes that happen in their lives. The book is a 40 day devotional type thing that gives really good examples of how “respect” is actually applied. I got mine from Amazon.

    Thanks for helping women get it right.

    • liberty92

      Thanks for the info! I’ll have to check that book out. : ] I was wondering if there was one out there already, with the whole Love & Respect info going around out there.

  • Alice

    I was looking for a picture of seed germination (archived: 4/2007) to put in a powerpoint for a class I am taking. I am also a stay at home Mom, and I homeschool the kids. I just wanted to make sure I could use a picture. I enjoyed looking at your site! Let me know Thanks Alice

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