Monthly Archives: July 2010

Teenager in the House

Now that we have a teenager in the house, Keith & I are excited about him taking over finding the good new songs that are out there. Back in the day, we bought CDs, but it’s been, what, ten years?? Now our older two are listening with Daddy-o to KLove going to & from school so they’re hearing the new songs. Yesterday I had the fun of helping my boy place an order for four new CDs with his birthday money. It’ll be nice to hear some new stuff around here!

That being said, we do find out about some new kids music now & again. Seeds has been the “new music” around here the last couple years & we LOVE them still. Did you hear they were working on a sixth album? Sadly, they didn’t get the funding to get it done this summer, but hopefully in the next year or so they’ll have another one out: Seeds of Character. Looking forward to hearing that one!

Along the same lines, Josh Harris blogged about a new album his daughter, Emma, sang on that sounds a lot like Seeds. Listen to Walking With the Wise here. It’s centered on Proverbs. I’ve been hoping someone would pick that theme up & work up some new songs! My old Sing a Song of Proverbs is sounding really old. : / Couldn’t even find a link for it, it’s that old. Like it never existed!! It was good in it’s day, but needs to be updated.

Summer’s flying by without my posting anything. We need to fill you in on our vacation at least! I’m finding Facebook has taken over my computer time, & that’s okay for what it is, but I still want to blog for posterity purposes. So, one goal for this next school year is to pare back the FB time to make room again for blogging. Both have their place, but it’s tough to do both & keep balance at home. Here’s hoping! Look for a vacation post soon. : ]