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Let’s Go Krogering

Sure would appreciate your vote if you’re the voting kind. One vote per day is allowed until May 21st. Thanks!

The Design a Reusable Shopping Bag Contest with Kroger - Vote for My Design

Ode to Our Washing Machine

Dear washer,
can I just say how much I appreciate you?

Staring at the mound of weekend laundry,
knowing you’re on my team gives me hope &
leaves me full of gratitude.
So many times, you’ve been expected to work miracles
– achieve the impossible.
And most times, you pull it off
With never a thank you
or even a thought!

At times, I’m sure you’ve been agitated as we
stuff you beyond what’s reasonable,
toss unspeakable filth at you,
overwork you for days on end.
For all those times you’ve quietly worked in the corner,
thank you!

For faithfully taking the stinky and gross
only to return fresh, bright, and sweet smelling,
thank you!
As you spin your magic,
I am able to write,
teach a child to subtract,
read & cuddle with my baby,
take a nap…

My hands thank you.
My back thanks you.
My knees thank you.
You are a very good thing.

Good Friday

Hidden Danger