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Respect Dare #7) Remember

Yikes! That last one set me back a few months! It’s been a while since I’ve added to this Respect Dare thing. Shame on me! These dares were all thought out (35 of them) when I first started on this whole thing, but I had no idea it’d take this long to type them out.

On to #7. Liberty University’s having its homecoming this weekend, so friends are FBing & asking if we’re going to be there, etc. Makes thoughts wander back to the days Keith & I met. When he asked me out the first time: the cute look on his nervous face & adam’s apple gulping as he stammered the invitation out. The HOURS on the phone & millions of questions he asked just because he wanted to know everything about me. The first time he met the family & the evening together watching old Christmas cartoons (Charlie Brown & The Grinch) at the student center; putting my head on his shoulder for the first time. Exciting!! Staring at his hands during church wishing he’d hold mine! The HOURS studying together in the library playing footsie, & the many long lunches at the student cafeteria. What do you remember about your courtship? Let your mind wander back to those days when even the slightest look or touch from him made your heart flutter. You were no doubt there once or you wouldn’t be married.

Anyway, dare #7’s a fun one, but one we often forget to do. We spend so much time in the daily grind, we can let it squeeze out those old feelings we had for him. What were the things that made you crazy about your man? Think especially about those things that drew you to him – things you admired, respected, were looking for in a husband, that he had. Remember. Dwell on them a while. And by “dwell on it”, I mean roll in it!! Like a kid in a pile of leaves! All afternoon. Then tonight, at dinner or something, tell him again how much you love that whatever it was/is. (“I love that you love my parents, grandparents, brothers & sisters. And your big strong hands, too btw.”) Look at him as the cute boy he was – that young man you couldn’t wait to spend your life with! Are you smiling yet? I am! Fun assignment today. He’ll be walking taller tomorrow morning, too. Enjoy. : ]

Song of Songs 2:3-5
“And compared to other youths, my lover is like the finest apple tree in the orchard. I am seated in his delightful shade, and his fruit is delicious to eat. He brings me to the banquet hall, so everyone can see how much he loves me. Oh, feed me with your love – your ‘raisins’ and your ‘apples’ – for I am utterly lovesick!”