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Note to Self: Must. Keep. Repeating!

It never ceases to amaze me how fast my children forget things I thought I’d run into the ground. Take for example songs. My Mom & aunt & I were talking the other day about Zacchaeus & of course, the Wee Little Man song came up. Low and behold, I realized how LONG it’s been since we’ve sung that song! In fact, my six year old would probably say he doesn’t know that one. My older ones would know it, but there’s a new group of littles that need to learn it. With all the great new songs there are out there these days, often the classics get lost in the shuffle. The churches barely have time to teach songs as it is, and I’m finding when they do, it’s rarely the oldies but goodies. (Generally, those that teach the oldies don’t teach the great NEW songs out there!) And when they do, they relegate these songs to the 2 & 3 year olds & then the kids never hear them again.

That’s MY job. The travel time in the van, running errands around town, at the breakfast table, …those are the times to teach these great old children’s songs of the faith. So that got me thinking about making a “must know” list of songs I don’t want our kids to grow up without having in their memory banks. This will be another one of those lists that’ll be added to over time, but here’s a start:

Jesus Loves the Little Children
Jesus Loves Me
This Little Light of Mine
O, How I Love Jesus
I Will Make You Fishers of Men
Read Your Bible, Pray Every Day
The B-I-B-L-E
If Your Happy and You Know It
Go, Go Joshua
I’m In the Lord’s Army
O, Be Careful Little Hands
If I Were a Butterfly
God Made Me
Ten Spies Song
Wise Man Built His House Upon a Rock
Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man
Peter & John Went To Pray
I’ve Got the Joy Joy Joy Joy Down In My Heart
My God Is So BIG, So Strong and So Mighty
He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands
There Were 12 Disciples
The Trinity Song (God the Father…)

Which ones did I leave out?

Rise & Shine & Give God the Glory, Glory
Father Abraham (as much as I HATE that song, the kids always love it)
Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho
Give Me Oil In My Lamp (and all the fun verses following…hot sauce for taco, gas for my Ford, etc.)
Oh You Can’t get to Heaven (followed by the many ways you can’t: on Superman, in a Kleenex box, with a nickle in your jeans, etc.)