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Lawnmower Listening

I love mowing because it gives me an uninterrupted couple hours of podcast listening.  Makes me sad to see mowing season winding down.  But that just means those long winter evenings are right around the corner & those bring listening opportunities as well, so no worries. : ]

I’m linking here a few of the ones that really hit me recently so I won’t forget the great lessons learned on the red rider:

Loving the Way Jesus Loves – This is a great 3 part series on a book Dr. Philip Ryken (President of Wheaton) wrote about 1 Corinthians 13.  He took each of the characteristics of love spelled out there & pointed to how Jesus showed us that quality.  Good stuff!  Gotta remember to request that book at the library or ask for it for Christmas.

Ask Nancy: How to Control Runaway Emotions – EXCELLENT listen for all women.  Whether you struggle with controlling your own emotions, or you deal with women around you who do (daughter, sister, friend), either way this podcast gives great advice on how to deal with & counsel.  HIGHLY recommend listening to this & I want to keep this one on file for future reference.

Joni & Friends – The whole month of August has great encouragement.  Joni always has good stuff!  Some highlights from the summer include: First Response, The Leper, Faces Unveiled, Painting Faces, The Shepherd, & Some Ordinary Day.  I am so thankful for Joni’s encouragement!


Knitting, Greek, & Podcasts

Sorry, but these days it’s mostly links I’m passing on quickly. With all the snow days, you’d think we’d be on the computer. My knight in shining armor got things running super smoothly again with the router, external hard drive, etc. so I actually got less time on it. But we did find a few cool things on the off times. Here are a few gems found recently I wanted to pass on…

1 – Callie has inspired me to get back to crafting. One of the things we did during all these snow days was get out the knitting needles & crochet hook. Knitting is my thing. I have yet to get crochet to work for me. BUT, after the first two scarves, we wanted to get a little fancy & do some different stitches. I thought knit 2 purl 2 would be an easy place to start. Tried a few stitches & just couldn’t get it to look right. Got on line & found a short tutorial on knit 2 purl 2, watched a lady actually do the stitches, found the little step I was forgetting, & bingo! We’re knitting happily away again! Simple! Here’s the link I found to get you started, but there are all kinds out there. Just put what you’re looking for specifically in the search bar. Next up: crocheting.

2 – Nate is suddenly interested in learning Greek! Perhaps it’s the old seminary books Keith has sitting on the shelf, three days of snow days with his siblings, mixed with his love of making up secret code languages. Btw, the story is often told how Keith took three weeks of Greek, but dropped out of the class when he met me & found out the class was over my lunch hour. He gave up Greek for me. : ] I always end up reminding him how much more fun those lunches were than Greek classes. He agrees, then always says, “But I still want to learn Greek someday.” The kids enjoy our little romantic story. Seminary geeks!! Anyway, we found two seminary classes on line that Nate can watch for free! Amazing! It’s just like sitting in class! So now he’s checking his pronunciation, etc. & picking around at Greek! I share because it really is amazing all the things you can learn on line these days. Stretch your imagination & see if that hobby you’ve been wanting to learn is there. It just might be! If you’re interested in the links, I’ll have to get back to you on those – can’t seem to find them at the moment. I’ll ask Keith.

3 – On Family Life Today the last few days, Reggie Joiner from Basics 252 has been talking with the guys. EXCELLENT!!! If you get a few moments to listen, please do! Here are the links to part one & part two. I *heart* Reggie Joiner & his orange gang!!

4 – I also had time to catch up on Revive Our Hearts. Nancy has had Carolyn McCulley on. She speaks to single women, but I found SO much valuable stuff in her talks! Here are the links to part one and part two. These, along with what Reggie has been saying, are so what I KNOW to be true & would love to be able to remember & put in words as concisely when counceling others, but probably won’t be able to, so I’ll send them to these links to hear. It is so exciting to hear people putting these truths into words. Good stuff! I want to tuck these “single lady” talks away for when – in the blink of an eye, I’ll be up to my ears in nieces & a daughter going through all this crazy but SUPER important time of waiting for the man God has for them. Makes me extra appreciative of the wonderful man God gave me! AND makes me excited to see what stories God will unfold in my girls’ lives in the not as far off as we might think future. : ]

What Does Satan Look Like?

My kids surprised me a month or so ago. For some reason, the topic of Satan came up in devotions one night & I asked what they thought Satan looked like. Now, I think we’ve had some good conversation & all through the years & like to think we are grounding our kids in Scripture well enough that this question would get them thinking, but I did not expect the answers they gave. They gave me stuff like “red”, “horns”, & “mean”, etc. I hadn’t given them that! Where did they get that idea? Our children’s Bibles don’t really give a picture of him, so where were they getting this stereotype? After thinking, I’m guessing Looney Tunes or some such nonsense. I asked the same question in Club on Wednesday night & got the exact same responses.

Anyway, this really disturbed me. Even as careful as we are to train up our children, watch what they put into their minds, give them plenty of Scripture, have them in church, etc. this simple & very important truth had not gotten to them yet. Troubling implication: If they are looking for Satan to be this mean, ugly, scary looking creature, they are not on the defense when he tempts them with all those beautiful & fun things called sin! Satan was at one time the most beautiful creature in Heaven next to God Himself & he still is attractive – sin is!! If he wasn’t, we wouldn’t be tempted by him. Our children need to be keenly aware of this fact if we hope for them to be successful warriors in the battle. They need to know what the enemy looks like so they can keep their spiritual eyes open for his tricks & attacks.

So, that got me on a hunt for a systematic, intentional catechism type book to go through with my young ‘uns. A quick google search netted me plenty of the traditional catechism questions but I was shocked to find not one of them gave the Scripture to back up their answers. I know the answers are right & all, but I don’t want my kids to just take a rote answer for granted if there’s not Scripture behind it & I want them to know beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s in the Bible. Who cares what tradition deems the right answer! I want the kids to have the answer from the Answer Book, not just regurgitate the “right answer”.

Solution: 801 Questions Kids Ask About God is a great book with tons of great questions for parents to go through with their children. It gives Scripture to back each up & the questions cover topics like prayer, the Bible, friends, money, Heaven & angels, etc. We’ve been using it for the last week with the thought we’d do one question a night, but one leads to another to another & we always end up having to cut off the discussion after like twenty minutes. Good stuff! And the kids are really thinking & listening. Check it out & consider adding it to your devotional time if you have children ages 4-15 I’d say. You might even be surprised at your kids older than that or yourself – do you know the answers?

To hear a recent broadcast on the topic from Family Life Today, click here.

Family Worship vs. Youth Groups

Yesterday, while enjoying grocery shopping alone late in the evening, I got to listen to the first of two broadcasts on Family Life Today featuring Voddie Baucham. I’d heard of him a few times before. Jess has a few great links & I liked what he had to say. His new book is “Family Driven Faith”. So, when I heard he was going to be on FLToday, it piqued my interest. If you get the chance, take a listen to part one & part two here. At these sites, you can either listen or read the transcripts. Here’s a teaser quote for you…

“We see men coming into our environment who have basically had their children stripped from them by the church, and these men come in spiritually impotent, and we look at these men and say, “No, sir, there’s not going to be a youth group for your teenagers. Here’s what we do – we look them in the eye and say, ‘I double-dog dare you to go home and be the pastor of your home.”

I’ll be listening to part two today or tomorrow.

Thanksgiving: Remember


Have you noticed the last few years an increasing trend to “squash” Thanksgiving or is it just my imagination? It seems some are trying to make us as Christians or “anglo-Americans” feel guilty or politically incorrect if we celebrate God’s hand in bringing the Pilgrims to America, providing for them, & working through Squanto, etc. We are pushed by the commercials & stores to go from Halloween (a purely pagan holiday) straight to Christmas (the materialistically pagan version), skipping over Thanksgiving or minimalizing it to a glutton fest. I refuse!

I realize we are not God’s chosen people, Israel, but we have Judeo-Christian roots in this country, contrary to what many want us to believe today. I’m seeing a deliberate “whitewashing” of American history to systematically erase all traces of God from our nation’s history. History is extremely important & in fact, it’s critical to remember! Karl Marx knew this when he said, “A people without a heritage are easily persuaded.” If you can change people’s historical context, you can change the way they view the present.” In other words, if you can re-write the past, you can make people believe anything you want in the present. I’m afraid we’re there.

Revising history is not a new trick. Do you remember the story of Eve & the serpent? He twisted God’s words in Eve’s mind when he said, ” Did God really say…?” People tried to revise history with Jesus’ resurrection (Matthew 28:11-15 & 1 Corinthians 15:14-19) What is a lie, after all, but simply put, re-writing history! “I didn’t break the lamp, Mom…”

God has given His people a mandate to REMEMBER!!! (Joshua 4:1-7, the Passover & other feasts & celebrations, the tassels (Numbers 15:38, 39/Deut. 22:12) Judges 2:6-15 talks about how God’s people were destroyed because they forgot. Our problem is, number one that we forget what we’re told to remember, & two that we remember what we’re supposed to forget (1 Corinthians 13:5)!

Remembering is our source for gratitude & obedience. God warns us to be careful – if we forget when we sit in plenty, we will certainly be destroyed. (Deut. 8:10-20)

This Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate our American Christian heritage, marvel again at the stories of God’s hand in the lives of our ancestors, & give thanks to God unashamedly for His blessing on this country. Here’s a few good sites with the stories you can read or hear on line to get started…

Chuck Colson on Squanto
Squanto’s Story
The True Meaning of Thanksgiving
the origins of American Thanksgiving
Whit’s End (Thanksgiving shows this week only)
True Story of the Pilgrims, part one & two (Family Life Today)
The Mayflower Compact

LET’S CELEBRATE!!!! Pass your American Christian heritage on to your children. Share some of your family’s stories of God’s provision. Remember, & pass the baton to the next generation.

Thanksgiving Straight Ahead!!

Here’s a list of resources to get started celebrating one of my two favorite holidays (Easter being the other one)…

Adventures in Odyssey
Thank You, God“(from #3), “BTV:Thanks“(#31), “Thanksgiving At Home“(#7), “A Thanksgiving Carol“(#12), & “In All Things Give Thanks“(#32).
– NEST Entertainment – William Bradford
– Little Bear Wheeler – “The Pilgrim Adventure” DVDs
– Barbara Rainey – “Thanksgiving, A Time To Remember” book & CD set.
– Focus on the Family Radio Theatre – “The Legend of Squanto: Pilgrim of the Heart
– online information: from the Christian History Institute, Audrey’s Thanksgiving Links with coloring pages, games, craft ideas, verses, etc.

Do you know of any other good books, DVDs, CDs, etc. to pass the Thanksgiving story on in your family?