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School Year Twilight; Summer Dawning!!

Keith & Nate are off to the Ohio Village today with all the fourth graders to see how Victorian era Ohioans lived. The kids & I were going to join them per Keith’s request (not as a chaperon, just for fun) but remembered little ones were not really invited on these kinds of trips & are frowned upon even if I’m not responsible for other children. Understandable. We’ll look forward to their return & stories about it tonight.


Last night, Nate had his recorder concert. There’s nothing like the sound of 100 or so recorders being played simultaneously by variously skilled fourth graders. Nate is doing so well on that thing; we are thinking the saxophone would be a good wind instrument for him to give a go on this summer. The fingering is basically the same as the recorder & he loves that so much. Should make for an easy transition.

Callie is down to just a few lessons left in Kindergarten & boy is she excited! She wants to cram the last lessons all in at one sitting & be done. I told her we will take the next two weeks to finish up! She is really looking forward to having more subjects next year as a first grader. This year was a bit of a disappointment for her in that they didn’t have science, art, or music lessons. She is going to love first grade.

We told Nate the plans for him being home-schooled next year on Monday night. He is very excited about it! He has really enjoyed the last two years at school with Daddy, but loves the k-12 curriculum on line. I can’t wait to see the fifth grade materials. I’m sure it will be excellent. We are all (except maybe Anders) going to be like kids on Christmas when all those school packages arrive with the kids’ materials come August. As I think about it, Anders will love the bubble wrap.:)

Until then, we set our minds on thoroughly enjoying a summer full of sunshine, VBS, family trips, & clicking off some of the home-maintenance list. As far as trips go, we have scheduled go to MN to visit family there & then head on to Yellowstone this year. On top of that, Nate & I will be going to DC for a week. The home-maintenance list this year includes the usual yard work, reorganizing the garage, etc. The add-ons for this summer are to get the kids’ bedrooms redone, try to get the north yard under control, & move some trees. I think we’ll be lucky to get that all done. Keith has classes, etc. going on through most of the summer, so I don’t want to make the list too long. I’ve got enough on my personal list in the way of “spring cleaning” to keep me busy all summer long. It’s just a matter of getting myself motivated to get it done. We shall see.