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Science Day

Callie, Nate, & I were working on science – plants for C & DNA/Heredity for N. Anders was playing outside. Next thing you know…

A – “Cat emergency!! I found a mouse & tried to get it. It can run faster than me!”

Upon closer inspection, this was no mouse, but rather a baby mole.

Soon after, while we were out looking for leaves to study various leaf patterns/veins, etc. to make leaf rubbings with (not an easy task this time of year), we came across this laying in the middle of the yard with three & a half eggs in it…

It’s been there a while (cold) so I’m sure no bird will hatch, but oh the hopes & dreams of three little would be bird parents!

Callie took her egg up to her room immediately & made a cozy nest out of her pencil box on the windowsill. When I went to go take pix, she said, “Mama! Be careful! Don’t shine a light in it’s eyes too much. That’s my baby bird! Oh, I hope it’s a girl bird. She’ll love this pink box!” and on & on she went.

Nate, on the other hand, informed me “One of the eggs exploded already. It had runny white stuff in it. Hey, let’s look at part of the shell under the microscope & test it’s DNA!” grabbing the scope & working away on it.

We’ve identified them as red winged black bird eggs. Makes sense. We have plenty of those around here.

Nate & Anders promptly set up a “mole emporium” for the baby mole while Callie dreams of all the fun she’s going to have with her baby bird. I’ve warned them of what will probably happen to all of the above. But they’re so caught up in the excitement of spring!

Before I could finish this post, the mole gave up the ghost & the kids buried it. See the little marker Nate made for it in the lower left corner? And Anders has a nursery rhyme CD blaring up in the room for the baby bird’s enjoyment. Callie has found a worm & put it in a container to keep beside the egg to feed when the bird hatches.