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It’s Time For Your Check-up

The month of August usually ends with all the doctor check-ups. I try to get them scheduled before school starts so they are out of the way & we don’t have to interrupt school for appointments. We usually get a big block of time & all go together. So, this week included the trips to various doctors: check-ups, eye, etc. Somewhere in the middle of all that, the boys developed a cough that won’t quit & Keith & I picked up a bug or two requiring antibiotics. Now mind you, we are a family that takes vitamins every day, but I think Nate & Callie have had all of two antibiotics each in their lives & I only remember Anders having to take some once. We don’t do antibiotics often.

One doctor we didn’t see this week was the dentist. We used to be on a simple January & July routine – easy to remember. Somehow we got bumped into August & now it looks like this time it will be September visits.

Anyway, this last week has made me SO appreciate the fact that our family has been blessed with wonderful health! We don’t have to do the doctor thing very often. The appointments, waiting rooms, paper work, insurance!! It’s ridiculous! It is a rude reminder to pray for those families who have to deal with this kind of stuff routinely. Wow – my heart really goes out to them!

It also reminds me of a Nate funny I’ve not had the opportunity to share. So here I share it before I forget it entirely. It was a few years back – I think Nate was maybe six? I try hard to have everyone’s teeth fairly clean before we all traipse into Dr. Van’s office & he has to dig around in them. This time, however, I realized Nate had recently eaten a cereal bar. So, since I didn’t have his brush along, I handed him a couple mints & told him to take them for Dr. Van. Afterwards, I went in to ask the Dr. how things went & all. He said fine. He told me Nate had come in & offered him a couple mints for his breath even. Nate had apparently misunderstood & thought I was giving him the mints to spare my sweet boy the smell of the Dr.’s breath!!! My child. It never dawned on him that HE could be the one with the lousy breath. I guess we’re doing okay in the self-esteem & confidence department!