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Flashback Friday VIII

Since this week is missions celebration at our church,


Summer of 1998, Wheaton, Illinois:

The son of Nate’s namesake is the left one in the back row – Stephen Saint. The two Indians in front are Aucas who were involved in the massacre but have since come to know the Lord & lead in the jungle church. Our Nate is the baby.:)

The second song on my VodPod to the right also tells their story a bit, “God Is God”.

Flashback Friday VII


My big bubby & me in 1974? playing Mary & Joseph.

It seems there was a picture of other children in the next generation doing something similar & I’d love to put the pix side-by-side, but I can’t find the newer version. If V or L have a convenient copy for me to cut & paste here, that’d be fun.:) I may be able to update this one for a Christmas Flashback in a future post.

Flashback Friday VI

Sorry this is late, but it has been a busy last half of the week. Change of season, you know. Thursday through Saturday were consumed by the bi-annual changing of the clothes. So, though late, this is the newest installment of Flashback Friday…



Since some of you didn’t know me as a wee one:) Didn’t recognize me without all that hair, did you? It was slow in coming in, but made up for lost time.

PS – I also posted a few late pix of our excursion to the Indian Powwow from a few weekends ago over on Flickr to the right.

Flashback Friday V

1980’s…Peanut & Prism, the synchronized swimming duo.

1990’s…Diva & Bride, world travelers.

2000’s…Boozm Buddies!!

See? I was nice. But, oh, what I could’ve pulled out!! I will have to try to dig around for those re-e-eally old ones later. They must be in Mom’s basement.

Flashback Friday IV

No, I won’t go on with these forever, but some are just too good to leave in the attic scrap box. This one has a story behind it…


It was the summer Nate turned one. We were home from Korea for a couple weeks, so Mom & Dad thought it would be fun to go to an amusement park for the day. We had a blast, except that Mom had busted up her leg on the church basement stairs a week or so before & was not up to walking around the park. As embarassed as she was to get a wheelchair, it had to be done.

Mom got tired of being pushed around all day so took a break & sat on a bench at one point. Dad thought he’d give her chair a spin down the midway. While he was away, he wheeled up to the hair painting booth & innocently asked if they gave discounts for Veterans. They said, “For you, it’s free.” They never asked him if he was a veteran & he never said he was! So, the picture shows the result, the wheelchair, & Mom in the background if you look closely. Dad enjoyed the rest of the day happily telling people where he got his hair done. And, yes, a lot of people asked! That place actually ended up making money on Dad. It was hilarious. Fun memories.

PS – For the kids: note the red mark on Grandpa’s right elbow. I don’t have too many pictures that show that, but it’s just a birthmark. He used to love to make a huge pretend howl & cry when a child touched it just for the fun of the reaction.

Flashback Friday III

Here’s Callie & Carson, neighbor second cousins, the bald duo, around Christmas of 2001…


And the same two in pretty much the same spot almost six years later…


Flashback Friday II

Late summer of 2003…