We were just talking the other day in small group about sarcasm & how dangererous it is period. I’m the one who brought it up! Keith & I determined very early on in our marriage that even though it’s funny sometimes, it causes LOTS of damage to relationships & that’s just one place we won’t go. Well, apparently, even though we’ve tried, it has crept in.

Here is the perfect example AGAINST using sarcasm (even the humorous kind) in the home:

Days ago, Keith was hunting down his headphones in the moving madness. He was hoping to listen to his iPod while sorting a while. Every once in a blue moon, we talk “Honeymooners” style. I don’t know, I guess it’s funny to us because Ralph reminds us of my Grandpa Bob. It’s sad really, but since it’s never been an issue in our relationship, there’s something ridiculously absurd in the whole spouse accusing their spouse of harming them intentionally. So anyway, Keith said in jest, “Where did you put my headphones??” like I had some devious plan to get him. So I came back with the silliest answer I could come up with on short notice, “I flushed them down the toilet.” We had a good laugh, but Jack was listening. He followed me to the bathroom this morning, FOUR DAYS LATER, with, “Did you fwush Daddy’s headphones down the toyet?? Why did you fwush Daddy’s headphones down the toyet??”, needing an answer & looking down earnestly into the toilet. *shaking head* I’ll never do that again. And THANKFULLY he hasn’t tried it himself!! @_@

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