Peace = “Proving that you care more about others than winning an argument.”

Romans 14:19
“So let us do all we can to live in peace. And let us work hard to build each other up.”

What a perfect virtue to have at the front of our minds in the month of August!! Our family is blessed with many strong & unique personalities, but with the blessing comes a challenge to teach them how to get along. The last few months, the boys have been pestering each other something fierce; no doubt the result of a few months of 24/7 togetherness & not much scheduling = summer! But it is also a wonderful time to “work it out” – focus on teaching them HOW to get along & love one another vs. just gutting it out until they can give each other space again. Thus peace, this month’s virtue, is really an answer to prayer. We’ve been praying for them more intently & this month’s Bible lessons really helps to zero in on a few things.

From a mother’s perspective, I told the boys I can see both of them changing & trying to love the other. The problem is, they are not doing it at the same time! When one tries to love & go the extra mile, the other takes advantage of the moment & gets extra irritating to the other. Then that brother feels guilty, tries to love & go the extra mile & the first brother decides he’s had enough & starts letting the other brother have it. And so it’s gone the last couple weeks. I told them both they will BOTH have to “go the extra mile” a LOT longer than they think they should have to & when they both do, eventually they’ll surprise themselves & meet each other’s best sides. And then there will be peace. And the whole family will rejoice. And I bet they’ll like it well enough to try to keep it up for longer than 5 seconds. (Well, one can pray for that, can’t one?)

My favorite lesson from this month is Isaac & the wells from Genesis 26. I’ve heard one sermon on that story from SM Davis years ago called “Dig Another Well’ & it sure has stuck with me. So, that’s kind of the Momma mantra I’m on these days. “Sometimes you’ve got to drop it – nobody’s winning here. Sometimes you’ve got to leave well enough alone. Don’t start it!! Seek peace & pursue it…” You get the idea. Anyway, Reggie Joiner did it again with a fantastic overview video on the subject. If you’re in need of a pep talk on peace to pass on to your littles these days, here you go…

Matthew 5:9
“God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.”

Psalm 34:14
“Depart from evil & do good; seek peace & pursue it.”

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