Passover 2010

While looking for a nice Passover header for this blog, I came across some fun pictures worth sharing.

One woman knitted up some pretty cool stuff. Check it out here. Scroll down on her site…that woman is ingenious! She even knitted a sprig of parsley!!

Another person put together a whole set of scenes using Peeps to show the different plagues. Hilarious! Check that out here. Click on any of the little pictures to enlarge them. My kids for one are going to get a kick out of those.

I love, love, LOVE this week! The Passover/Easter week is such a great opportunity to share the whole picture. The picture of the lamb’s sacrifice. God’s plan for salvation shown way back then & fulfilled on the cross. I love how God commanded His children to remember every year always. He knows how important it is for us humans to review. Remember! Remember that God takes care of His people. Remember that He is very much a personal God. He is “hands on”, not some far away being. Remember that God has a plan & no matter how bad it looks, He’s got it totally under control. Remember that complete obedience is extremely important. (Those who asked why put blood on the doorposts, or thought they didn’t have to, etc. were NOT passed over. Period.) So-o-o-o much to teach. Don’t pass up the opportunity.

This year, find a fun way to share the Passover story with your children & pass it on! Watch a video on it. (We get it out of the library.) Celebrate your own mini Seder meal. We even saw these little finger puppets at the store this year. Have fun & make some memories. Happy Passover. : ]

Moses Parting the Red Peeps

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