Feeling kind of sad these days for several reasons…

– My great uncle passed away yesterday. He was such a sweet little man, coming in at only about 5 ft. 4 inches or so. He was the only full brother of my grandmother & they looked so alike even though he was a twin to another sister. There was comfort in seeing him especially after Grandma passed. Somehow, she wasn’t quite gone yet with him around. I don’t think the twins were much over a pound each. Back then, it was nothing short of a miracle they both lived. He owned an apple orchard, but bore fruit for Jesus throughout his life. Wonderful man! Died in his sleep after a blessed & full 90 years, but still, there’s a sorrow in knowing he’s gone on.

– A dear friend/co-worker of Keith’s, and consequently a friend of mine, has been battling brain cancer for two & a half years. He’s only 33. He is probably the sweetest man you’d ever meet with a wife & two baby girls to match. Such a godly young man! We’ve swapped quite a few children’s ministry ideas over the years. He’s been hospitalized three times over the last two months for various reasons. His body just isn’t doing well.

– A friend of mine from way back is battling cancer & lupus. She’s also battling Jesus in her life. Has been for decades. We got back in touch with facebook last year. She’s really angry & really sick. So sad. Yesterday was her birthday so we “chatted” awhile. She has heard the Truth many, many times in her early years, but still chooses to go in the opposite direction. How low does a person have to get to look up & see Jesus waiting with open arms? So, so sad.

– A missionary friend of ours told us about a couple that was possibly joining their team a few months back. Over the weekend, news came that they were killed in a car accident along with their 6 1/2 year old son. Their 10 year old daughter is left suddenly alone. What do you do with that?

– Another friend emailed today that a young couple friend of his lost their 10 month old daughter to SIDS last week. They asked for prayer for their little boy, Peter. He is just realizing his sister is gone today & was crying and staring off in space.

I am SO SICK of death!! I am sick of Satan’s rule in this world. I am sick of him stealing & killing & destroying. I am so ready for Jesus to come & set up His eternal Kingdom & do away with all this sin & sadness & sickness & death.

We’re are all going to die, I know that. And this life is but a vapor, no matter how many years God gives you. It’s over in a blink of an eye. It makes me reflect on my days & months & years. What should I be doing differently? Have I invested my time wisely? It makes me want to curl up next to my husband & soak up his love, wrapped up in his long arms as long as possible…hug my babies extra long & tight & bottle up this day! How many days do we have left like this?

Lots to think about & even more to pray about! Better get to it.

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