2010 – The Year of the Fajita

So Keith & I were kicking around a new plan for meals that would be both delicious & nutritious when he suggested adding fajitas to the rotation. Never thought of fajitas as something I could make at home & stay on my points, but lo & behold, it’s AWESOME!!!! Here’s the super easy method I use…

La Tortilla Factory sells outrageously high in fiber yet soft & delicious tortillas. We use those. Old school WW let us count every fiber gram, making these puppies ZERO points. Now, WW only lets you count the first 4 grams, so they come in at only one point. Either way you go, they are great.

I got strip steak (about a half inch thick) & cut it sideways with my cooking shears into the frying pan. After the juices started flowing out of the meat, I doused it with a medium shot of Worcestershire Sauce & cooked until all liquid was gone & the meat was beginning to brown. Put the meat into a serving dish & cover so it’ll stay hot while you cook up the veggies.

Keith & I are the only two who like onions around here, so I cook veggies for two. For that, use three peppers (choose red, orange, yellow, or green) & chopped HALF of each into large strips. (Put the other halves in the fridge for next time.) You wouldn’t have to use three different colors, but it’s pretty. : ] Then I cut two onions up into bigger chunks & tossed them all into the same fry pan that you used for the meat – extra flavor. Add two teaspoons of oil at one point each & , stir fry for about five minutes & you’ve got a HUGE pan of yummy veggies for two points total – one point each serving.

Add salsa, shredded cheese (2% cheese is 2 points for 2 oz.), & plain yogurt as a sour cream substitute. You’ve got yourself a great meal!!!

For the kids, I just heat up a large can of refried beans to fill in for the foods they don’t like.

If you use 4 oz. of the meat (the highest point part of this meal), you can indulge in three super big & tasty tortillas & come in at under 12 points!! Top off the meal with a bowl of orange jello topped with whipped cream & you’ll forget you are on a diet! It’s that good. We will be having this one a week until further notice. Thought I’d pass along the great new find. : ]

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