Seeds CDs Coupon Code

Have you listened to Seeds Family Worship yet? Click here for more about it. To hear some samples, scroll down a bit to get to the audio box here. We have been LOVING these CDs this summer. All the way to/from & in between MN & OH, we worship/learned scripture/jammed to these awesome songs. It is so fun to be able to have God speak to you through a song popping into your mind during the day (& actually know the address too – a long time challenge for me personally)! And we are all learning the verses together. God uses music to get to my heart, I don’t know about you. Let me say again how I love the appeal these songs have to kids & parents alike.

If you are wanting to buy some Seeds CDs for your family, let me suggest two things: 1) Make sure you order the one with the stick people on the cover. That way you get two copies – one for you & one to give away, or in our case, one for home & one for Keith to take to his classroom. 2) It’s cheaper at CBD, but the Seeds company gave me a coupon to get 20% off (making it the same deal) & said I could pass it on to anyone else who would want to use it, too. They are fast!! We ordered & received ours in two days flat. Here’s the code to get 20% off at Seeds: LWAYNE09 It expires February 10th, 2010.

Happy listening/learning!!

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