A Slice of Our Life

“Easy pea-zie, lemon squeezie.” -what Callie claims Math is.

“I ain’t gonna study no, no more! Ain’t gonna study no-no more…” – Anders’ rendition of the latest song Callie brought home from school for us. We’ve had Down By the Riverside on the brain all week! Oh, and he is now a worthy opponent in Battleship and Uno. Even though Callie always opts for Life, her all time favorite game.

Nate claims someone mysteriously stole his band book. YIKES!! Now how can that poor boy practice?! One wonders. He is scheduled to play at the ice cream social Saturday in spite of the devastating loss.

Jack is on the move; an official crawler. His specialties: the line up of shoes by the door, the bottom shelf of all bookcases, & the magazine basket. He’s also been know to try to juggle cans found on the bottom shelf in the pantry.

We’re working on getting family pictures taken for a belated Mother’s Day gift. We are in need of a sunny day, time to go to the park with our nice clothes assembled, and a third party to snap the shot to all converge at the same time. This may take us well into summer to accomplish. Better late than never, huh?

Our home is officially on the market. Had several people through it this week. I thought I’d really hate that part, but so far, it’s forcing me to keep the house presentable at a moment’s notice & I really like that. Wish me luck in that area when school’s out!!!

Just discovered two things: 1) There’s a British isle called Mann – never knew that. The people there are Manx and I guess it’s a great place to make movies. Who knew? 2) Come to find out, Moondog, the quirky nickname Keith gave Nate years ago, was actually a real blind composer/inventor who lived homeless on the streets of NYC & apparently wore homemade clothing to resemble Thor, the Viking god. Fascinating. Oh, the wealth of information you collect when surfing while your sons sleep in.

This is Ander’s favorite rendition of our latest song. He says she looks like Grandma. My only question is which one. You be the judge…

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