Forget Going Green, I’m All About the Orange

If I had a magic wand that would work out all the minor details for me (like provide the $500 plus bucks it would take, set up the frequent flier ticket, watch my children for me, etc.), I would LOVE to be at the Orange Conference in Atlanta next week. First hearing about this 252Basics thing from a blogger friend of mine a few years back, I have been intrigued by reThink ever since. It’s expensive, but I enjoy tooling around their site & “picking their brain” for ideas. I think this is their second year of conferencing & some of the breakout sessions sound awesome.

Here’s a sample of one of the sessions synopsis:

“How to Awaken Spiritual Parenting in Today’s Families – Parents are being awakened to their God-Given roles to be the spiritual nurturers of their children. But most parents feel inferior and ill-equipped for such a role. How does the church effectively come alongside their parents and both inspire and equip them to spiritually guide and grow their children, instead of merely taking on this role directly.”

It’s neat to see a curriculum produce some of the things we are trying to do in our family & what we feel very strongly about: family worship, sharing your faith in a real way, strengthening families to raise godly children, trying to help them see that as their role & not the church’s, etc. The church is here to encourage, support, equip, not take over the spiritual responsibility of church-goers’ kids. Here are a few quotes that especially excite me…
“…equipping parents with kids at every age level to become the primary spiritual leader for their kids – to partner with them so that the one hour the church has with kids each week is multiplied at home.”
“…creating opportunities for families to invite their neighbors to a relevant and engaging environment at your church – to see what happens to their own faith when they begin investing in those around them.”



Orange-ology: Is the belief that two combined influences will make a greater impact than just two influences.

RED = Church YELLOW= Parents


RED + YELLOW = Orange-ology!

Orange is a color that symbolizes INTEGRATION and CHANGE. When you take the two traditional colors of red & yellow, blend them together & you have a whole new color, symbolizing what happens when you merge the church & family. It kicks it up to a whole new level when those two work together. *YES!!* “Every innovative idea and creative program will ultimately grow old. Styles and methods need to change more frequently than we are willing to allow. That’s because the idea of change makes comfortable Christian leaders nervous, and it keeps the Church lagging behind culture. As a result, we give a generation the perception that the Church and maybe even God are irrelevant.” Another *YES!*

Anyone have a magic wand I could borrow next week? Can’t seem to find mine. I wonder if they put their stuff on youtube or something for those who can’t attend the conference? I’ll look into that one of these days coming up & let you know if I find it.

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