Hodge Podge

Sorry, I’m gonna go on a short linkey binge here…

Two things that got me thinking/excited today. One is Del Tackett’s newest project, a Truth Project version specifically aimed at the college-bound teen! The other is off of Piper’s blog. Jon poses the question, “Why Jethro?” Good question. Great answer.

Speaking of Jethro & Moses, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I feel pretty useless slash lazy slash spinning my wheels for some reason. Don’t worry, it’s a phase & I’m not particularly “down”, just wondering if I’m doing all that I should be doing, where do I need to make changes, how can I be more productive, etc. I’m probably not making much sense, but it’s hard to put into words. The biggest example I can give is in the area of housework. Look around & it looks like I do nothing all day. This is my job! I do the same things over & over. I have more time this year. It still looks like this. Yikes. The Lord brought this thought to mind & I’ve decided to blog it for myself & the children (nugget of wisdom you might say)…

Every life has seasons. Even the great men and women of God, our huge heroes, those who followed the Lord closely all their lives, had faster & slower times. Moses spent decades in the wilderness “doing nothing” before God gave him his big task. Joseph spent years both in prison and doing servant work before he was given his big life task. Go down the list. David spent years in the fields watching sheep & still more time in caves being chased by King Saul. Peter spent years out on a boat sitting around catching fish before Jesus called him. Jesus Himself spent 30 years learning carpentry before his big three years. So, if you find yourself (or feel like you’re in) a year or two where you “aren’t really doing anything”, take heart. Enjoy the slow down. Take extra time to listen for that still small voice. Feed your soul & don’t feel selfish. Keep an eye out for daily “inconveniences” that God brings along your day – that unexpected phone call from a friend, the person God brings to mind that needs a note from you, that extra hour spent snuggling with a sick child, take more time on your prayer list each day. Those are the very things He wants to use in your life & through you today. Relax & just spend time falling in love with your Lord & all He’s given you.

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