Five Things In Hell That Should Be In the Church

Over Christmas, we got to visit with our pastor from Korea for the afternoon. Good times! We also got to hear him preach again. The week we were there, he had quite the catchy title & I had to share. It’s a keeper…

5 Things in Hell That Should Be In the Church
(Luke 16:19-31)

Now, stop right there. Can you think of any that could be on the list? Take a minute or two & think about where you think this sermon will go. Now read on.

First off, the fact that Lazarus was named & the rich guy not is noteworthy. Names were very significant for Jews, so this shows where Jesus was placing the importance.

1) Absence of Materialism. (vs.22) – The rich man died & was buried, in other words, he lost it all! How much of our time, conversation, etc. are gathered around luxury? The rich man’s family had the same problem; he had five brothers with he exact same problem. (Rev. 18:11-17) Application for us: Try going on a “thing diet”. Eat leftovers, only use used things, etc. Try some purposeful downsizing, repeatedly. The things Christians spend money on effects businesses. Perhaps we should use it to make statements more often. Choose to spend money more wisely & then use our wealth to help those out of work or struggling.

2) Passion for Being Poor. (Matthew 5:3) – “Blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall see God.” Application for us: Where have you grown the most spiritually? During “fat times” or “lean times”? (Luke 16:23 & Hebrews 12:1-3)

3) Eyes Fixed on Heaven. Are our eyes fixed on Jesus? “He looked up & saw Abraham…”.

4) A Passion for the Lost. (Luke 16:23 & 27-28, Matthew 9:37)

5) An Awareness That the Choices We Make Are Permanent. – Note, the rich man never asked the obvious questions like “Can I get out of here? Don’t you remember when I gave at the temple? etc.” He was searingly aware that his choices were permanent! Application: We need a new sense of marriage permanence, spiritual commitments kept. etc. (John 3:17-18) We can’t earn our way into Heaven. And the decision is already made once we die.

Which of these five things do YOU need more of this new year? (This message was given the Sunday before New Year.)

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