Easter Babies

For those of us with birthdays around Easter, this chart is highly interesting. My birthday, being the middle of April, leaves me sensitive to my son (late March) & nephew (mid April)’s feelings on the subject. Are we Easter babies or aren’t we!? Well, that depends on the year. FYI, April 10th & 17th are the most common Easter dates with each occurring eleven times between 1875 & 2124. My son’s, nephew’s, & mine all fall nine times within that time span.

Due to Easter’s date hopping around, sometimes the holiday we most identify with is a whole other month away from our birthday. Bummer. Often times we get to remember things like such & such happened the year our birthday was on Good Friday, etc. What other holiday does that? And that’s not even mentioning the whole Palm Sunday & Maundy Thursday stuff in there to add to the mix.

My son gets to enjoy Easter actually landing on his birthday twice in his growing up years, even though it came on his b-day just the year before he was born, while my sweet little nephew has to wait until his 60th birthday for the honor! 😕 Mine is only one day off of his, yet I got to double celebrate on my 4th birthday, but won’t again until I’m 77!! Then, if the Lord doesn’t return, I’ll get the chance again when I’m 88 & 99 years old. 😯

Ours is an exclusive club, boys. Welcome, enjoy the chart, and three cheers for Holy Week. It’s my favorite, birthday aside!


2 responses to “Easter Babies

  • Alicia

    Wow! I just realized that my daughter will have Easter birthdays when she is 15, 26, 37, and maybe even 105 :^) She’ll be 6 this year. How fun! And if this baby comes a couple of weeks early she could get in on the dun too.

  • Valerie

    My birthday falls on Father’s Day this year. We’ll have to do something special, like birthday cake AND ice cream. Wild.

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