Choices, Choices

For those of us watching what we eat, I found this link from SparkPeople. Because for me a picture is worth a thousand words, this post is most effective at getting across what our daily choices do by comparing two 300 calorie portion meals side by side. So much difference!! It goes to show how choosing fruit, whole grains, the right vegetables, light breads, etc. make all the difference in the world. I found it very informative & encouraging.


(Click the picture for a good kid-friendly health site to check out with a kid near you.)

Speaking of choices, here’s one more link about restaurant choices I found helpful. I get in the most trouble & later regret what I ate when I wait & decide as I look at the menu. If I know in advance & make smart choices before I get there, only then can I have the smarts to eat what’s right. That being said, anytime I can get my hands on something that spells out the nutritional values for my favorite restaurants, I study it & try to pick in advance. This link has easy to read info on Panera Bread, McD, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s… some of my favorite haunts. It looks like SparkPeople will be adding new restaurants to their list every now & again. Think Ruby Tuesday or Cheesecake Factory will make the list? I know you can healthfully eat tea & lettuce there, but I doubt much else. (And no, I’m pretty sure carrot cheesecake doesn’t count as a “filling food”, but thanks for asking.)

I feel a song coming on…
Anthillvania’s “The Choice Is Up to You“. In your best snail voice now, “Choices, choices. We ALL have to make em, & nobody else can do it for us. (cue song)” Classic!

One response to “Choices, Choices

  • Suzie

    WOW, I love to eat out, it’s such a treat. But now what am I going to eat? A picture really is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?

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