Quick & Easy-on-the-Scales Potato Chowder

Here’s a new recipe for those of us Weight Watching…

Point Chopper Potato Chowder
6 cups of water
6 cubes of chicken bouillon
1 envelope of Pioneer Brand Country Gravy
1 pkg. frozen southern style hash brown potatoes
1 can of corn, drained
1 can of creamed corn
salt & potato flakes as desired
I throw in about 2 or 3 Tbl. dried minced onions

Bring the water & bouillon to a boil. Make sure the cubes are dissolved. Add everything else. The potato flakes add “body”, but don’t add too much or you’ll start adding points. I gave this two squeezes on the flake box – I call it two “poofs”. : ) 1/3 cup? This soup is delicious! I added the corn, creamed corn, onions, & potato flakes on my own so haven’t figured out the points exactly yet, but without that stuff (which I wouldn’t think would add more than a point per cup) it’s one point per cup!! Again, this new recipe makes the weekly rotation.

FYI – I did try a new recipe last week that didn’t work, but why bother sharing that here? I’m gonna give that recipe one last chance in a few weeks with a few new tweeks before probably ditching it. The family seemed to like it more than I did. It was Pineapple Chicken from the WW booklet. I added too much ginger for one thing, so we’ll see what happens when I lay off that a tad.



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