Good Year So Far

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We are having so much fun this year in Club! For those of you (you know who you are) who have stumbled across this blog for “Fruit of the Spirit”, I post these links to consolidate a few posts from my ministry blog for you to glean ideas. I’ve tried to be faithful in posting what we’ve been doing for parents to be informed as well as for future reference, but seeing as how we haven’t covered faithfulness yet, I’ve missed a couple. Maybe during the faithfulness month I’ll go back & catch up.

So far, we’ve talked about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, & goodness. For helps on the verses, go here for the love verse, here for joy, & here for patience.

One cool thing that was added over the snowy weeks in January (kindness was cut short due to all the missed weeks) are the links for hymns found in the column to the left on the Pass the Baton blog. Originally, I was going to get a CD made of our church pianist playing & perhaps me or a few others singing the hymns to give each family a copy of all nine hymns we are focusing on this year in conjunction with each fruit. Didn’t happen. MIDIs are second best, but at least an option.

The experiments have sure been fun. Now keep in mind, these were chosen for their fun factor & I kind of loosely added the hook to the fruit of the Spirit, so some are a bit of a stretch but fun, you have to admit. We added these to the schedule when we found the children were finishing up their awards choices in record time & we needed to keep them quiet for ten or fifteen minutes while the prayer & verse groups finished up. Another very good outcome of the experiments has been that every child takes home something on awards night, even those who forgot to bring their notebooks or who didn’t get any of the assignments completed for the month. We have a few kids with no support at home, so this is especially important for them…

For peace, we made beakers of goo. God can give us peace in the storms in our lives just like the liquid turned to solid. He is our solid when everything around us feels shaky. For patience we made insta-snow. Be patient – snow is coming! For kindness, we made sun bead bracelets. When we are kind, it changes everything around us. We can be cold & white, or warm & color our world around us with kindness. For goodness, we did the petri dish. (See the blog for the goodness connection.) For faith, I’m planning this, but on a much smaller scale obviously. It takes faith to walk on liquid & trust you won’t sink, just like Peter on the water looking to Jesus. For gentleness, we’ll fill test tubes with oil & water. This is a generic fruit experiment. Just as oil & water don’t mix, so blessing & cursing don’t come from the same mouth, And good & bad fruit don’t come from the same tree. And for self-control, we’ll fill large petri dishes with candy (or this) without eating any! Then they can take them home.

More links will be added as the year winds down. I hope to have all the fruit in this post with links at the end of the year.

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