My Funny Middle Schooler

I love my oldest boy’s sense of humor; always have. But I am especially enjoying him as he gets older & all the more sophisticated in his presentation. I just had to write down a few for memory’s sake…

“Here’s my imitation of music class, ‘Okay, Class. Today, we’re watching Elf.’ (Nate turns around to make this sound imitating a teacher hiding a pop can) – kerchunk – s-s-s-s-s-s.” (That’s the sound of a pop can opening, in case you don’t recognize my spelling there.) “Oh-h-h-h-h! He makes me so-o-o-o thirsty!” Does Nate know how to pull his momma’s chain or what!? I SO want to hop up on my soapbox here on various fronts with that little skit (& he knows it, I think that’s why he tells me, just to see if I can listen without going off about how he at LEAST could show a musical for crying out loud)!! But I bite my tongue & he skips right along to, “My music teacher makes weird shapes with his hands. He says he can’t help it.” Me: “Is this the same band teacher with the pop addiction? The one who can’t make it through a class without opening & chugging a can? Might that have something to do with the weird shapes his hand involuntarily makes, you think?”

“Here’s Mrs. C during our country reports. POOF! zzzt-zzzt-zzzt-zzzt-zzzt. Zzzt-zzzt-zzzt-zzzt-zzzt… ‘Wait a minute class, I need to change cameras.’ She forgot her camera, so used a couple throw-aways with really bright flashes. It was annoying.” It hadn’t really dawned on me until then that he doesn’t know anything but digital cameras! He has no memory of the outrageously bright lights Dad’s movie camera used to have, or the sounds of film forwarding in the case let alone the dreaded manual forwarding wheel (didn’t we think those throw-aways were pretty slick a mere 15 years ago?), or of having to wait to see what your pictures look like! Wow, cameras sure have come a long way. I do get a huge kick out of the descriptions of teachers from a student’s perspective again. : ] We teachers are pretty quirky folk, aren’t we?

“Dun-dun-dun!!” – That dramatic little song (baritone, or is it a trombone?, menacingly descending by two & a half steps between notes) you hear in shows where it first hits a character’s brain that something really bad is going to happen. You know the one – where they zoom in on the face real tight & show the look of shock in the eyes. Well, Nate has started doing that little tune at the most hilarious moments: during the climax of a sappy Little House episode while little brother & sister are sitting nearby on the brink of tears, when told it’s time to do dishes, that type of thing. Keeps me chuckling every time! Like I said, his timing is getting pretty good.

I’ll add here it did me a world of good to go in to watch his presentation the other day. It was good for me to see other 6th graders. I may be too quick to worry about Nate sometimes as far as running off to school with unkempt hair & a beloved tshirt worn three days in a row. Keith’s been telling me not to worry so much (remember, he works with this crew & sees them every day) & I now see he (Nate I mean, not Keith) fits right in there with sixth grade, at least where my boy is. Sweet kids, but worried about their hair, clothing, etc. they are not. I had the bar set a little too high in my mind. Sixth grade. What an interesting time in life!

Bad hair day

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