Fried Rice, Thai Style

One goal for this new year is to mix it up a bit in the kitchen with one healthy, low point new recipe each week or so. The new one for this week turned out to be a keeper just like last week. : ] Here it is…


Healthy Fried Rice
(Makes 10 one cup servings)
4 cups brown rice, cooked
chicken breast (12 oz.), cubed
good shot of ginger powder
good shot of garlic powder
dried minced onions
(if you like, get the real things on the three above. I’m just too lazy & use the powder.)
soy sauce
2 chicken bouillon cubes
4 egg whites only
2 cups frozen peas, thawed
2 cups diced carrots

Have the rice cooked & waiting. Cook up your chicken pieces. When they start to brown, add your garlic, ginger, onions, & soy sauce all to taste. Let that sit on a medium heat a bit. Then put that aside with your rice. Dice your carrots & thaw out your peas. I then cook my carrots in the skillet that had the chicken ( to get whatever chicken flavor out of the skillet I may have missed), add a tiny bit of water & the two bouillon cubes in & cover to steam cook about ten minutes. When they are done, put your carrots aside along with all the other stuff (a big bowl does the trick to work as a holding tank). Last step! Cook up the egg whites just like scrambled eggs in the same skillet. Once they are done, all you have to do is dump your bowl full of stuff set aside, stir, give it all a few shots of soy sauce & eat.

One thing we accidentally stumbled on to tonight that absolutely sends it over the moon delicious is a secret “topping”. Let me tell you the story behind it. Anders was balking a bit before knowing what we were having tonight. “Can I have peanut butter?” he asked. My first reaction was “NO!”, but then Keith & I looked at each other. I used to make a Thai dish that was pretty involved to make but we loved. It had ginger, rice, soy sauce, & peanut butter! Why not?! “Okay, Anders. You can have pb with it. Let’s all have pb with it.” We each stirred in a Tablespoon of pb & all thoroughly enjoyed it! Try it, you’ll be surprised. It tastes much like the Thai dish, but is so much easier to make. Gotta love that!

So, if you eat the stir fry plain, you’re looking at 3 Weight Watcher Points per cup. When you add one Tblspoon of peanut butter (we love the extra crunchy), you add 2 more points. Not shabby! You could also do without the chicken & have a 2 point per cup recipe if you wanted. It really fills you up with good stuff & is very satisfying. The pb goodness makes this dish a stand out. This, like last week’s Perfect Soup, is now added to our weekly meal rotation. Two for two ain’t bad.

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