Happy Chinese New Year


This year, we found a cool new way to celebrate that I think we’ll be doing every year for the near future. The Torchlighters series has two new cartoon videos out: Gladys Aylward & Eric Liddell. Both are excellent just like their first three. If you haven’t seen any of them , find them for your children, then watch the documentaries, too! Those are even better than the cartoon parts. Well worth the fifteen dollars.

Other activities for CNY: eat with chopsticks all day. Get Oriental Trading’s Bible cookies (fortune cookies with verses inside), while you’re ordering there, grab a box of fans & yo-yos. The kids love those! Make paper lanterns or glue glitter fireworks on black paper. I almost made some of these but haven’t yet. One option you could do with them is put a string through the felt before closing up with the paper to make a necklace out of them. Cute. If you really want to get carried away, print out some calligraphy pages on line & let your kids practice writing Chinese. Teach them some simple oragami or get out the tangrams (I never really got into those myself).

At any rate, finish the day praying for our brothers & sisters in China who have to worship underground. Pray for those in prison because they love Jesus. Pray for those who have found creative ways to get in there & tell them God loves them. If you know any missionaries there, pray specifically for them. We have two friends: one teaching English, and another tent making – creatively accessing N Korea! Pray for those baby Christians who found Jesus over the Olympics – that they would find what they need to grow & not lose the seeds of faith that were planted.

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