Caring For Infants, 101

If you think about it, please be in prayer for me Saturday (tomorrow) from noon to four-ish. A teen girl, I’ll call her Tricia, is coming over to learn how to care for a baby. She’s three months along & thinks she wants to keep her baby, but has begun to consider adoption. Thankfully, abortion doesn’t seem to be a consideration! Tricia has no family or home. The family she’s been staying with (who go to our church) are praying we get to share Keith’s adoption story with her. Tricia needs to hear some good adoption stories – she was adopted by her grandparents with the same family baggage & thus she thinks adoption is a bad thing to do to your child. Her boyfriend is out of the picture, her parents have not only not parented her but kicked her out, etc. Tricia desperately needs to hear that God can take a broken mess & make something incredibly beautiful out of it.

She has heard the Gospel, but she doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus. Please pray with me that Tricia would first of all find real peace, love, & joy in Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. Then please pray that this teaching/practice session goes “well” – that could include Jack having the biggest blowout diaper of his life, or an hour and a half of fussiness, I don’t even know what I’m asking for there! Part of me thinks spending time with my little Jackie Pooh Pooh would cause ANY heart to want one of their own 24/7 so thinks this might not be such a great idea. But another part of me knows she will “keep the baby” even if she doesn’t spend some time here. So, if she ends up keeping it, she needs to know how to hold, bathe, feed, etc. a youngster. AND, by her spending time with us, we have the added bonus of hopefully being able to share with her Keith’s story, and the beautiful picture adoption is of what God did for us. If I can, I’d like to plug Liberty Godparent Home, too. We’ll see how things go. She’ll need to have a few visits to realistically get a feel for what it is to tend a baby, so hopefully we’ll have several sessions in the upcoming months. Pray God gives me wisdom to know what & when to share.

I wrote Keith’s story out today – it’s one of those memorial stone posts, so takes a lot of thought, but one I’ve really wanted to tell. Read the story in the post below.

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