Green Shirt, Front Row

Did you see the debate last night? I got home late from a ladies missions week gathering, so only got to see the last half hour. But as they panned over the audience, that bald guy with the reddish goatie sure looked like Todd Smith from Selah. And, since the debate was held in Tennessee, I had to wonder if perhaps that indeed was him. Hopped onto his wife’s blog which I found last year (not knowing it was Todd’s – the one from Selah – wife’s blog) & low & behold, she was writing all about the green shirt he was wearing, etc. He was the guy sitting in the front row beside the guy who asked the last question. GO TODD! I guess he got to talk to Obama briefly & offer him a few CDs. God can use that! We need to be praying for both presidential candidates these days.

Found the clip of the last question!! Check it out…

If you don’t know Todd & Angie’s story over the last year, watch here. They made it just days after their baby girl was born. It’s long, but excellent.

If you’ve never heard Selah, here’s Todd & his sister Nicole singing. Those two kids can sing! I love to hear siblings sing. Takes me back to those good old days in the back seat with my brothers. I couldn’t find some of my favorite songs. They spent some years growing up in Africa as MKs & have a few African songs that I love, but they aren’t to be found.

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