Truth Project for Children

Keith went down to Kentucky to train in The Truth Project last year. Since then, our church has had several Truth Project groups, both adult and teen. It is a must for any college bound teen and their parents! This is a great series to have a middle schooler start going through probably once a year to get grounding in the basics before heading out into the world. My parents did that for me with the Gothard seminar from seventh to twelfth grade & I’m so glad they did. It takes a few hearings to let it really sink in. I found I learned new things each time I went. That’s what The Truth Project is like.

We had heard they were going to be working on a children’s version & I have been waiting with anticipation. IT’S HERE!! Adventures in Odyssey‘s new CD set is The Truth Project for children – The Truth Chronicles. Can’ wait to get my hands on it! Nate listens to AIO literally every time he works with his Legos & if you know him at all, that’s pretty often. I’m ordering a copy for our church library & will try to write a review when we’re done listening.

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