Before & After

We had our kitchen worked on last week – matching counter tops, tile on the floor, painted the cupboards, new sink & stove – the whole nine yards. A lot of the changes you really can’t see in the pictures, but they are so nice to have – an updated back splash area, matching wallpaper all around the kitchen, getting rid of that dumb fan/grill above that stove that didn’t work, hinges on the cupboards that match! We also had our two entry ways tiled & a few other odds & ends done around the house. I have before & after shots of the kitchen, but realized just now I have only before shots of the front door. So, tomorrow morning I’ll remedy that & try to get those on line for you, too.

Here’s the kitchen before…

And after…

With the best & most anticipated change in the neighborhood being…

…the NEW STOVE!!! Old Bessy, as I unaffectionately referred to the previous appliance, was older than me – I kid you not. Grandma bought her nigh unto 40 years ago. Her sister bought one exactly like it at the time. Aunt Dorothy’s turned out to be a lemon & conked out on her within a few years while Grandma’s kept on ticking. Yes, even the light in the oven still worked!! Even after all those mornings of fried eggs & dinners with gravy & mashed potatoes. Oh, the memories! But, alas, over the years, two of the burners had given way. The remaining two were precarious to say the least to cook on. But it still worked! It was tough for me to just throw it away as long as it was still working. But we finally did what needed to be done. Grandma would’ve wanted it that way. In fact, one of the last conversations I had with her was about that stove. She said, “Well, maybe you just need to get rid of it.” So, now Old Bessy has been replaced.

I think she needs a jazzy new fangled name like Apple or Fantasia. What do you think? Although, she is still a big bulky old fashioned stove model. Maybe Julia or something like that.

2 responses to “Before & After

  • Charley

    Love it!!! At first I didn’t know if I would like the navy cupboard fronts – but I DO!!! When I actually saw them done – it is really nice. I love the tile floor and I think Mom would love the new stove! I also love the garage doors and the shutters!
    You guys rock!

  • missy

    Love the way it turned out! And the stove….ah, the stove. How I would love a new stove! Mine burns everything!

    And yes, it is the STOVE that burns everything, not the chef.

    That is my story and I’m sticking to it!!

    As for the name, I vote New Bessy, or perhaps Bessy 2.

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