Happy Rebirthday To You

My Sweet Anders.

One year ago today you decided to give your great big heart to Jesus. What an exciting thing! I remember working on my hair in the bathroom & you came waltzing in to keep me company that morning. Sitting on the little stool, you started the conversation with how you loved the story of Jesus dying on the cross. I asked you if you knew why He died & you replied knowingly, “to take away my sin”. I asked you if you knew what sin was & if Jesus had ever sinned, etc. You knew all about it, talked about how you have sinned but don’t want to & you started expressing a desire to get rid of it. I asked if you knew what to do to get rid of sin & you knew right off, “Ask Jesus to take them away & come into my heart”. I told you that you could do that whenever you wanted to. You gave a quick reply that you wanted to NOW. Keith was in the next room reading, so I told you that whenever you really felt you wanted to do that, you could talk with Daddy about it & pray with him, thinking maybe you’d wait. But you ran right out to talk to Daddy. You & Daddy talked for another 20 minutes about Jesus & what He’s done for us on the cross. Then the three of us bowed together as you prayed to receive Jesus as your Savior. At first, you asked if Daddy could pray for you, but when we said only you could do it, you prayed without hesitation. Since then, you ALWAYS volunteer to pray at mealtime. You sure love to pray & we love to hear you talk to your Forever Friend, Jesus.

I am so thankful I could be the one to talk with you & see the look of sadness on your face over your sin, hear the reverence in your voice when you prayed to ask Jesus to be your Savior, the love & faith in your sweet brown eyes. It was a precious moment I will never forget. I’m thankful, too, that Daddy was there & we could share in that once-in-a-lifetime moment together with you.

You are one special boy, Andrew William. God has great plans for your life & I am so grateful to get to have a front row seat watching it unfold. There are some big changes ahead of you in the upcoming months with you being a school boy now & a new big brother to boot! This next year with you promises to be the most fun one yet. I love you more than you’ll ever know & pray God’s richest blessings on you as your legs grow longer & your spiritual roots grow deeper this year.

With Love,
Your Momma

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